Samoset Resort in December

Samoset Resort had a great health club and was a great place to relax and unwind before the busy Christmas season.

Samoset Resort in December

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by KenDurham on December 19, 2004

I’m always looking for a place to go and relax and unwind - Samoset appears to be a great spot in the off-season.

There are three coffee outlets in the area under the banner of Rock Cafe and fresh ground, roasted brewed is all they serve. You have to try it.

Don't miss the Maine Cheese Factory in Camden or the to-die-for "Sweet Sensations" created by Master Chef Steven Watts, also in the Camden area. Both are on Route 1 between the resort and Camden on the left side when going to Camden ${QuickSuggestions} Use the health club and don't miss the Breakwater Cafe for food right at the resort.${BestWay} Driving is the only form of land travel. However, if you are a boater, expand your horizons on the bay water and the protected harbor of Rockland.

Samoset Resort

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by KenDurham on December 19, 2004

Best Things Nearby:
For shopping, Shaws and Walmart are less than 1 mile away. For coffee lovers, go to Rock Cafe next to Shaws.

Best Things About the Resort:
There is a health club with very large indoor pool.

Resort Experience:
The resort renovated all units within the last year. The decor in the units is very nice. The only problem is the heating system. You are either very hot or cold with it.

The resort grounds are fantastic for walking on, and the view over the bay is great from every unit

The resort has two very nice restaurants and a well-stocked gift shop. There is a free internet hookup in the main building.

Samoset Resort
220 Warrenton Street
Rockport, Maine, 04856
(207) 594-2511

Daily Activity Journal

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by KenDurham on December 19, 2004

Dec 04 Saturday
We left Saint John, NB, at 12pm. It was sunny and cold.

We drove to St Stephen, NB, and saw their Santa Claus parade. Then we walked to the used bookstore, just past customs to the USA. We then crossed the border with no problems.

We got to Just Barb's Restaurant at 3:30pm and had the crab cakes, a burger, fish chowder, and hot chocolate ($17). We had been there last year as well. As we left, Grace commented on how it got dark early here. It was dark by 4:30pm.

We drove to the Samoset resort but stopped at Shaw's for food first. Chris checked us in at 5pm. We had unit no. 822 on the second floor. It was a very nice unit. Last year this building was closed when we were here for renovations. The unit had a king-size bed, queen-size sleep sofa, miniature kitchen, fridge, dishwasher, two-burner stove, microwave, toaster oven, and a coffeemaker and kettle. The dishes include mugs, too. There is salt and pepper in the unit.

Dec 05 Sunday
We were up at 7:30am, with the sun just beaming into our unit. There was a nice view over the bay. I had organic coffee, which had a nice taste.

We walked out to the private Flume cottage on site. It was very windy and cold from the wind coming off the bay.

We then drove to Rockland and had coffee and desert at the Second Read Cafe (328 Main St.). It is a nice bookshop with gourmet coffee.

We drove to the local movie theater to see times of shows and then back to Rockland and the drugstore. We watched the movie "Librarian", which was funny and fast-paced.

Dec 06 Monday
I was up a 5:58am. We watched the sunrise and took pictures. The temperature was 16°F at 7am, and it was partly cloudy.

We went to an owner’s meeting. Twenty-four people attended, and the leader for the session was Joan. She has been an owner at Samoset for 22 years and has a great knowledge and understanding of how RCI works. Most people seemed happy with RCI. The majority were multi-week owners from all over the place (Mexico, Aruba, Cape Cod, Idaho, and Florida).

We had lunch in our unit and then drove to Camden. We drove past the town looking for the cheese factory. We passed one red building west of town, but we both thought that it was a white building east of town. After going through some road construction, we turned around and drove back to Camden. On the second time through the construction, the flag person stopped us and asked what the meaning was with our personal plates (CARE). We parked on a side street in town and then strolled through Camden. We visited several stores; I bought a postcard to send to Steve (our son) in Vancouver, Canada. We traded several books at a used bookstore called the Stone Soup. We then walked to the ABCD bookstore in lower Camden and saw a calendar there dedicated to the local cat that resides in the bookstore.

Places to See:
Owls Head Antique Museum, Rte 73
Shores Museum in Rockland; call for a tour
Brown Bag in Rockland for breakfast and lunch
Rockport Corner Shop for the banana oat pancakes
Camden five-point corner - Bay St. Cemetery, Galoway farms, and belted cows
Vesper Chapel
Cappy's Chowder Camden
Jess's Market - Rte 73, south of Rockland

Dec 07 Tuesday
Up at 7:30am, it was cloudy, windy, and 26°F.

We went to Denny’s for breakfast, and snow started during breakfast. Rachael was our server; we saw her baby and husband there, too. We had the pancake special for breakfast ($14.62 plus $3.78 tip).

We went to Rockland post office to mail postcards to our son, Steve (50¢). The man licked the stamp for me. He said yesterday that he cut tongue doing it and swore he would never do it again.

We gassed up at the Irving station (446.8 km for $24, a lot cheaper then in Canada) and then went to the Goodwill and Staples store. We stopped at the Rock City Café and had hot apple cider, which was very tasty.

We had soup back at the unit for lunch, with a gingerbread man for dessert that was bought at Sweet Sensations.

We went to the movies at 4pm and saw National Treasure. We got in for free, as there was no one at the front when we arrived. When we left, we paid. The two people at the front were surprised that we had gotten in.

The weather had been getting worse throughout the day. When we came out of the movie, there was ice everywhere. We got back to unit safely by 6:30pm for supper and spent an evening indoors.

Dec 08 Wednesday
W had breakfast at home before going shopping. I stopped at Rock Café ( it looks like I found a great spot for coffee) for Ethiopian coffee and chocolate orange scones.

We went to the Breakwater Café at Samoset resort for supper. Isaac was our server. We wanted the prime rib but found out it is served on Tuesday night only. I had a crisp, cool salad to start, followed by a hot turkey sandwich for Grace and cedar plank Atlantic salmon for me.

Grace could not gobble it all up. The salmon was very nice. The sauce had whole-grain mustard seeds in it.

Dessert was an apple crisp pie á la mode and fresh-brewed coffee. It came to $45.

We went back to the unit and had a great relaxing day, completed with this beautiful meal.

Dec 09 Thursday
The snow is gone.

We saw a pair of geese wondering across the greens and also watched a red fox run across the course.

We drove to downtown Rockland and found the Rock City Coffee Roasters Cafe. Here we met Patrick Reilley, the owner, and had an interesting discussion on coffee and roasting. We bought three coffee types, including their signature brand, Darkstar.

We left there to head for Booth Bay Harbour and stopped at Family Dollar. We bought cinnamon candy canes.

We continued to drive to the harbor but never made it. We stopped on an Irving highway, and I discovered that my camera bag was missing. I had left it back at the café. We drove back, and they had found it. Patrick had even remembered where we were staying and called to leave us a message.

After retrieving the bag, we drove to the bakery Sweet Sensations again ( We stopped at Downeast Publications to browse.

Dec 10 Friday
Well, it’s our last full day here. The temperature was 37°F, and it was cloudy. We finally went to the health club and used the treadmills, pool, whirlpool, and sauna.

We spent the afternoon in our unit. Grace fell asleep while Ken snuck out for some sweet treats back at Sweet Sensations.

Our final evening was spent indoors with another storm blowing outside. It was a nice relaxing day and a great end to our stay.

Dec 11 Saturday
We left the resort by 8:30am and drove towards Bangor. We made one stop for gas and then went on to the mall.

Grace got lost in JC Penny while I got lost in Borders.

Lunch (we missed breakfast) was at Ruby Tuesday.

We then drove back to the Canadian border at St Stephens. We had no problems crossing the border, and there was no checking of our purchases. I could not remember where our Canadian money was, so there was no stopping for coffee or food.

We arrived home at 5:15pm to a very happy dog.

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