Quebec City: A Love Story

Québec City, a short three hour drive from Montréal, is the capital of the province, home to the famous Winter Carnival and is a delightful blend of historic old world charm combined with all of the conveniences of a modern city.

Quebec City: A Love Story

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On a bluff, overlooking the St. Lawrence River, the Hotel Chateau Frontenac, with its impressive spires and turrets, sits adjacent to the Plains of Abraham, where important battles between the French and the British were fought. ${QuickSuggestions} Visit the Old Fort, or take a horse drawn carriage ride down the cobbled streets of Old Quebec City with its quaint shops, corner bistros, and art vendors in the market squares. ${BestWay}

Chateau Frontenac

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Although I have never stayed at this hotel, I have toured it inside and out for its historical and architectural value. Even if you are not staying overnight, it is worth going to have a walk around the building

Built in 1892 on the site of Château St.-Louis (1647) to resemble an European castle, Château Frontenac is one of Québec City’s best-known and most visible landmarks. Dominating Place d’Armes, a large square in Upper Town used for military drills and parades during the French regime, this majestic sentinel overlooking the St. Lawrence River, 100 meters below, has hosted kings, queens, and heads of state.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac
Quebec City, Quebec, G1R4P5
418 692-3861

National Battlefields Park (Plains of Abraham)

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The Plains of Abraham were once known solely for the many clashes between the French and British empires. This occured until the 1759 battle. Then it became the site upon which soliders built fortifications against American invaders. What isn't known to most people is that the park was once a pasture and nature laboratory during French rule, and also an astronomy labratory in the 19th and 20th centuries. Then, at the the start of the 20th century, the Battlefields were redeveloped into a historic and urban park. The park has since been used for many events including the Tricentenary of the City of Québec in 1908. The Plains were also used for agricultural fairs, outdoor performance and even nationalistic ceremonies. The park now covers 108 hectares and features 6,000 trees from more than 80 different species. It has monuments, a rare sundial, and interpretive centres. The lesser known, scientific aspect of the Plains will be commemorated with the introduction of astronomy lectures during the summer months.
Battlefields National Park
835 Wilfrid-laurier Ave (near Honoré-mercier)
Quebec, Quebec, G1R 2L3
+1 418 648 4071

Fortifications of Québec

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This is the 4.6 km long city wall or rampart that surrounds the old city of Québec. The walls have many interpretation panels along the visitors' path, and there are guided walking tours available. Be sure to see the Esplanade Powder Magazine and see a presentation on the history of the Fortifications at the Initiation Centre.

It's a beautiful sight to see, and makes Quebec city entirely unique.

Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site
100 St-Louis St
Quebec, Quebec, G1K 7R3
+1 418 648 7016; +1

Place Royale

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The cradle of French civilization in North America, Québec City historically consists of Upper and Lower Town quarters. Although much of Lower Town was destroyed by the great fire of 1682, and by bombardment in the seige of 1759, and by neglect over the centuries, today its focal point is Place Royale where the humble Notre Dame des Victoires (see picture) built in 1688 stands proudly refurbished on the site of Champlain’s original Abitation. Some 60 buildings in the general area have recently been restored. In the centre of Québec City’s oldest public square stands a bust of Louis XIV, a reminder of Québec’s royal heritage.
Place Royale
27 Notre-Dame St
Quebec, Quebec, G1K 4E9
+1 418 643 2158

Place des Artes

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A wandering old world charm, Place des Artes is filled with characterists and portrait artists, sculptors, street performers and face painters. The streets are lined with Art stores, antiques and Nicknacs. Definately a place to stroll a while.
Place des Artes
Place des Armes / Place des Artes
Quebec City, Quebec

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