Faridpur -- Land of Personalities

Many memorable personalities were born in the Faridpur district, like poet Jasimuddin, social reformers Nawab Abdul Latif and Haji Shariatullah, national leaders Sheikh Mujib and Mohon Mia, singers Sanjida Khatun and Fakir Alamgir, cinematographers Mrinal Sen and Tareq Masud, artists Kalidas Karmaker and Rashid Chowdury, educationist Kazi Motahar Hossain, and many more.

Faridpur -- Land of Personalities

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The rivers Padma, Kumar, Modhumoti, Aarial Kha, and Chandana have made the land of Faridpur fertile. The fertile land not only produces good crops, but also great personalities.

When Bangladesh, in 1971, was going to be independent, it was internationally renowned as the country of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Hewas born in Tungipara in the then Faridpur district (now Faridpur has divided into five districts, i.e. Faridpur, Madaripur, Gopalgong, Shariatpur, and Rajbari ). Tungipara is now in the Gopalgong district. Mujib’s graveyard is also in Tungipara.

Jasimuddin is called Pollikobi (poet of rural life). In his poems he has picked up the villagers’ real life. His poems have been translated in many languages. His graveyard is in Ambikapur, which is adjacent to Faridpur town.

Nawab Abdul Latif was a great social reformer, administrator, and educationist. He was born in the village Rajapur in Boalmari upazila. It is about 40km from Faridpur. The broken bricks of buildings announce his memory in Rajapur. Scientist Kazi Abul Monsur, poet and educationist Gazi Khorsheduzzaman, photographer Dr. Shahidul Alam, and footballer Salahuddin were also born in Rajapur.

Social reformer Haji Shariatullah was born in Bahadurpur, now in the Madaripur district. World-famous architect Fazlur Rahman Khan (F.R. Khan), who was the designer of the Empire State Building in Chicago and the King Abdul Aziz Airport in Zeddah, is the son of this soil.

Politician Yusuf Ali Chowdury (also known as Mohan Miah and Alimuzzaman Chowdury); artists Rashid Chowdury and Kalidas Karmaker, and social worker Ambikacharon Majumder were also born in Faridpur.

Cinematographer Tareq Masud and singer Fakir Alamgir were born in Bhanga upazila. Politicians K.M. Obaidur Rahman and Syeda Sajeda Chowdury were born in Nagarkanda upazila. Educationist Kazi Motahar Hossain was born in Pangsha upazila (now in the Rajbari district). The great hero of independence war of 1971, Sipahi Abdur Rouf, was born in Salamatpur village in Modhukhali upazila. He sacrificed his life for his co-fighters, and above all, for the country. For his heroic sacrifice he has earned the highest honor, Birshestho (greatest hero), given by Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Other places of attractions of this district are Faridpur Sugar Mills and Mothurapur Deoul in Modhukhali upazila; Rajendra University College and River Research Institute in Faridpur; Nader Chand Ghat, Satoir Shahi Masjid, Koira Kalibari, and Shyrine of Saker Shah Dewan-Katagar in Boalmari upazila; and Baishroshi Babu Bari, Aatroshi Darbar Sharif and Chandrapara Pak Darbar Sharif in Sadarpur upazila. ${QuickSuggestions} There are no star-rated hotels in the Faridpur region. Raffles Inn is a new hotel can give you air-conditioned rooms and some other basic facilities. It is in the town of Faridpur, so you can stay in Faridpur and travel through its surroundings. ${BestWay} Faridpur is only a 3-hour road journey from Dhaka. Buses/coaches are available from the Gabtoli bus stand in Dhaka. There is a barrier in the way that is the widest river of Bangladesh - Padma. This river may be crossed by ferries/launches. The bus company will arrange your means of crossing.


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