2 Weeks in Kauai On An East Side Beach - Serenity

A description of one bedroom at the Kauai Coast Resort at The Beachboy, nearby conveniences, on site beach, amenities, and more.

2 Weeks in Kauai On An East Side Beach - Serenity

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by beach_lvr on September 13, 2004

The first thing I noticed on this island is that it is not overly commercialized in the way that Maui now is. The Kauai locals here are very friendly and, no matter where i went on this island, there was a small town feel to it.

Moloa'a Bay was gorgeous and abandoned; worth the ride down the highway northward. When you see the exquisite beach and lush tropical jungle/mountain backdrop of Hanalei Bay, you won't wonder why Bette Midler recently built a new home here.

At Ha'ena Beach, find wild-growing indigenous fruit and nut trees along with hippies camped out (long term) in tents on the beach. Across the street, you will easily find a large, ground-level dry cave for you to peruse. The waves at Ha'ena looked spectacular, but too rough for surfing of any kind.

The best area of the island to stay in is Princeville because it is the lush, green side of the island. This lush, north side of the island is a stark contrast to the much more dry, browner south side. If Princeville is not in the budget, I'd shoot for staying somewhere on the east side of the island.

Look for the "lei ladies" selling fresh leis made by locals on the side of the road; a few miles before you get to Poipu Beach on the south side of the island.

The shopping at Coconut Marketplace was more affordable and convenient that I have seen anywhere else in the islands. You can also find restaurants while shopping here as well as a drug/convenience store.

Best restaurant by far was A Pacific Cafe, located on the east side of the island. Eggberts at the Coconut Marketplace for breakfast was our second favorite. There is also a half-decent seafood restaurant in the Coconut Marketplace.

We took a half day tour with Hawaii Movie Tours which was good, but VERY overpriced and misrepresented.

We took an evening trip to the Wailua Falls (the water falls shown at the beginning of the old "Fantasy Island" series). We got there around sunset, staying to lay on top of the hood of the SUV and look at the stars. They shine brightly here, as it is very dark at night. You can hear the falls roaring in the background, birds singing, and not much else.${QuickSuggestions} Get your discount coupons at circulars found at the airport. Rent boogie boards, surf boards, floats, fins, and snorkel gear at one of the surf rental shops in Hanalei.

If you make a sunset or evening trip to the Fantasy Island Falls (Wailua Falls), bring lots of mosquito repellant! ${BestWay} You absolutely need to rent a car here in order to explore the island. If you stay in an east-side hotel, you will be within walking distance to shopping, grocers, and restaurants. Some rentals on the south side also appear to be convenient to the shopping and restaurants. There was a semi-large, new shopping complex with restaurants between Hanalei Bay and Princeville.

A Pacific Cafe

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by beach_lvr on September 21, 2004

We had dinner here at this award winning restaurant a total of three times. Meals here were delicious! We got what we expected - fine dining.

We enjoyed one of the chefs’ specialties – potato-crusted onaga fish filled with white-truffle mashed potatoes and a cabernet-thyme sauce. The sauce made a delicious gravy for the mashed potatoes. It was so good that we had the same meal each time we returned. It is served with a generous portion of onaga fish. The presentation of the dish was one of the best I've ever seen.

The only disappointment was, for the price (expensive), you would think the restaurant facility itself would be more upscale. You'll find retro, 80s-looking furnishings here - black laquer in a casual atmosphere.

A Pacific Cafe is located on the east side of the island (Kapaa town) in a strip-mall - within the Safeway shopping center. If you are staying in an eastside resort, this restaurant will be convenient for you. The high quality food is worth ignoring the somewhat cheap-looking decor and strip-mall location. It gets noisy in here once people have had a few drinks - go earlier to avoid a noisy crowd. Service is somewhat slow - expect island time service. Reservations are required.

Print out a coupon on A Pacific Cafe's website for $10 off two entrees: http://www.apacificcafe.com/

A Pacific Café
4-831 Kuhio Highway #220
Kapa'a, Hawaii, 96746
(808) 822 0013


Member Rating 5 out of 5 by beach_lvr on September 21, 2004

This was the cheapest place (by far) for breakfast, with the best quality as well. Eggberts is on the eastside of the island in the Coconut Marketplace Shopping Center, next door to the Kauai Coast at The Beachboy Resort. We strolled over there almost every morning for breakfast.

We sat out at an outside table because there is a nice view of the Kauai landscape from there. Be aware that, if there is no breeze blowing, you'll find yourself swatting flies away from your table. If you choose an outside table (recommended for the view), expect to see a few island birds hopping around close to your table. Eggberts was the only breakfast restaurant nearby to us that offered eggbeater egg substitute. They have great tasting omelets (choose your own ingredients if you like), delicious specialty (tropical) pancakes, and five different kinds of eggs benedict. You will find vegetarian items offered here as well.

Overall, the lowest-priced, best-tasting breakfast with the widest selection!

Coconut Marketplace
Kauai, Hawaii

Emersons Seafood Restaurant

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by beach_lvr on October 7, 2004

We were looking for a restaurant close to our resort and wound up at Emersons Seafood Restaurant (located in the Kauai Village Shopping Center near the Safeway).

We entered the squeaky door of this establishment and noticed immediately that this place looked like it had been here for quite a long time. It had the ambiance of a small-town diner. At first we were pleasantly surprised because the prices were so reasonable - $10 to $15 for many entrees. In a tourist area, that's pretty reasonable. One thing that was confusing was that, while Emersons is supposed to be a seafood restaurant, they have many non-seafood items on the menu such as pork chops, chicken, etc.

We had time to look over the menu, as the waiter here seemed to truly be on island time. I asked for the snow crab and was told they were out of that. I decided on the terriyaki steak instead. The cut of meat that I was served was very fatty, greasy, tough, and dry. Not to mention the plates, glasses, and silverware were all dirty. This place was more reminiscent of a greasy-spoon type of restaurant than an island seafood restaurant.

Since the restaurants prices were so good, my husband insisted on going back, thinking perhaps the first visit with poor quality food was just a fluke. Once again, I asked for the snow crab. Once again, they were out. I ordered pork chops. I can't say I was surprised when they brought out two fatty, dry, tough pork chops.

Overall, it's worth it to come here for just a burger or sandwich (those seemed ok), but for seafood or steak, head to A Pacific Cafe.

Emersons Seafood Restaurant
4-831 Kuhio Highway
Kauai, Hawaii
(808) 822-3662

Haena Beach - Beyond Paradise

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by beach_lvr on October 9, 2004

After seeing the beach at Hanalei Bay, you'll be anxious to check out what's north of Hanalei - and you won't be disappointed. As you approach this spectacular northside beach, you may very well find hippies (appropriately dressed in retro clothing) camped out here amongst the grass and fruit trees, which rim a gorgeous beach with roaring waves. They may not like you being here, but they don't bite!

Haena Beach is somewhat off the beaten path. You won't find any restaurants, shops, convenience stores, or tourist traps here. If you want those, you'll have to head back to Hanalei.

As we approached Haena Beach, we saw the cluster of perhaps eight to ten tents just a few feet west of the beach area. The thing that first struck me was the fact that, while these camping tents were here, no one was on the beach or in the water.

My husband and father in law couldn't wait to jump into the ocean here to use their newly rented boogie boards, which were rented in nearby Hanalei. Like two little excited boys, my husband and father in law went running for the ocean - only to be stopped by the Haena Beach park ranger and told they could not enter the water. As it turns out, the ocean here in winter is generally far too rough to swim or surf in. That explains why no one was in the water.

There seemed to be a lot of tourists stopping here briefly to check out the cave across the street. However, a lot of tourists seemed to be avoiding the beach area all together. I think the presence of the hippies here (who were obviously camped out here for an extended period of time) scared some of the tourists. They didn't scare me! However, they did seem somewhat possessive of this beach - regardless of the fact that it is the property of the state. It was plain to see that they didn't want us there. Nevertheless, we walked the beach here, checked out the beautiful scenery, and spent a short while sunning on these golden sands watching the large, royal blue waves crash in front of us.

We were pleasantly surprised to see fruit and nut trees growing here, such as lychee (a native fruit tree and a local favorite) and almond trees.

There are no water sports rentals directly on this beach. Rent your aquatic gear, such as surfboards, kayaks, etc., in Hanalei (on the way to this beach). If you want to do anything in the water on this side of the island, you need to avoid coming here during the winter months.

Haena State Park
End of Highway 56
Hanalei, Hawaii, 96714
+1 808 274 3444

Best Resort for the Money - Kauai Coast Beachboy

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by beach_lvr on September 13, 2004

December 7th, 2003 - If you're looking for the best accommodations for your money, The Kauai Coast Resort at The Beachboy by Shell Vacation properties is your best bet. I am a somewhat picky traveler when it comes to the age of the property and amenities. Yet, this resort managed to exceed most of my expectations. This was our second trip to Kauai and second stay at the Kauai Coast Resort.

As we approach the Beachboy in our rented SUV, we see that the outside grounds of the property are lovely, yet definitely show their age. I open my car door and get a whiff of the red and white spiked ginger flowers that seem to be flourishing on the grounds of this Shell Vacation property. As I take in my surroundings, I remember now why we came back to this resort. As I entered the lobby, I was surprised all over again because I had forgotten that there was a sharp contrast to the appearance of the outside of the property as opposed to the inside. It has obviously been fully remodeled in recent years.

I recall someone saying that this property was built in the 1960s, and I was worried that our room would be worse for the wear due to age. While we paid for a garden view and were actually in a garden view room, we had a partial ocean view which was only steps away from the beach! We could easily hear the surf and, if I had to guess, I'd say the beach was a mere 30 steps or so away from the sliding glass door of our ground floor unit. We were that close to the beach, in a newly remodeled, well-built property for about $135 a night. Considering that it costs $450 a night to stay at the prestigious Princeville resort on the north side of the island, we landed an incredible deal!

Our room was spacious, with all new flooring; wallpapering; thick, well-made furniture with a king-sized, four-poster bed; a kitchenette; a microwave; a refrigerator; an in-room safe; extra towels; toiletries; cable TV for your couch potato; a living area with a full sofa and entertainment center; a dining table with four to six chairs (nice centerpiece); and a classy Hawaiian theme throughout.

Other amenities...The pool here is quite lovely indeed with what appears to be a lava rock waterfall...Best of all, the beachside Jacuzzi!!!! I usually have to push myself to get my daily exercise out of the way, but not at this resort! Here, you will find a small, but incredibly well-placed workout room. The room has floor-to-ceiling glass and is sort of in the middle of the property, facing the beach and all the gorgeous Hawaiian foliage; overlooking the pool as well. You will also find bottled water and clean towels for your use in the workout room.

Don't be surprised to find chickens (yes, CHICKENS) along with sparrow-like birds loitering around your patio area hoping that you might feed them a little bread. They are not at all aggressive, but appreciate whatever might be thrown their way. I endearingly referred to them as our "lazy chickens." :-) I fed them a piece or two of bread each morning, enjoying the fact that they didn’t seem to be very afraid of coming a foot or two away from me to collect their bit of daily bread.

The golden sand beach is not wide, but not too narrow either. It does however, have a slightly steep incline which makes it great to lay out on, but not so perfect for long strolls.

The water here is really too rough to swim in, but the waves were not very high. There are numerous pine trees on this property along with coconut trees, which seemed a little unusual to me.

Just next door, you will find the Coconut Marketplace where you will find about 3 or 4 restaurants, numerous apparel retailers, and a few jewelry shops, as well as a medium-sized convenience/drug store.

One of the best things about this resort is its location. It is mid-island on the east side, convenient to the Lihue airport, and close to many restaurants, grocery stores, and apparel shops along the highway - yet not far from the eye popping beauty of Hanalei Bay and Princeville.

Regarding any timeshare presentations at our resort... We were asked once (at check-in) if we were interested in hearing about timeshares. We said "no" and were never bothered again. This resort seems to train its employees to handle everything with a little class. This was a great relief to us since we have experienced stalking timeshare sharks at so-called upscale, five- to six-star resorts in Mexico.

Expect a daily visit from the maid, although don’t expect the entire room to be cleaned daily. By all appearances, they only do a full cleaning once per week, but come in daily to replenish toiletries and towels. I noticed that they do not vacuum daily.

In summary, this is definitely the best hotel for the money with the most amenities and in a very convenient location. Yes, there are nicer properties on Kauai, but you can expect to pay triple or quadruple what we paid to stay here per night. It was extremely quiet the entire two weeks we were there. We were able to truly relax here - letting all of the stresses of the mainland go out along with the first tide. The whole resort felt safe and enchanting, the locals were quite friendly and down to earth, the staff was accommodating, and the weather was perfect the entire trip (December). Temperatures ranged in the 70s to the low 80s. Aloha!


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