Golf in Northern Georgia

Golf, relax by the pool, waterfalls, or Atlanta sights.

Silver Leaf's Apple Mountain Resort

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by imcarly13 on June 25, 2004

Best Things Nearby:
Tacoa Waterfalls, Lots of hiking trails and national parks within a short drive Atlanta-city life is only 1-1/2 hour drive to the south (it's a straight and easy drive)

Best Things About the Resort:
Golf Course

Resort Experience:
It is a woodsy experience. The interior is clean and comfortable but you can't forget that you are in the wilderness. The outside stairs are covered in spider web and the local bobcats may stop by.

Apple Mountain is a nice place but the renovation disrupted our stay. The unit above us was being remodeled (into a handicapped unit, the only one). The vibrations caused a light fixture to crash down into our whirlpool tub. Luckily it happened 10 minutes before I started the water and hopped in. It took them two days and two reminders to clean up the mess. Then the day we checked out the fixture had come loose again and was hanging from the ceiling from its wires. The doors to the outside have a quick release lock, which is excellent in case of fire or other emergencies. You turn the door handle and the lock unlocks and the door opens. It, however, is not a great feature to have with small children. We were constantly chasing our 2-year-old out the door. They did open the pool four days early since the weather was nice, that was appreciated!

We had a transformer blow while we were there, the power went out. Luckily we had family near by so we stayed with them while we continuously called the resort to see if the electricity was turned back on. The phones however did not work until 8am the next morning, so we spent a night away from the resort. Turns out the power was back on all along we just had no way of finding that out! We checked out 1 day early. But we did enjoy the GOLF!

SilverLeaf's Apple Mountain Resort
200 Appleseed Court
Clarkesville, Georgia
(706) 839-1050

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