A few days in Lucerne

After living in Switzerland for my freshman year of college, I returned 10 years later with my husband to show him some of my favorite cities. Lucerne was as beautiful as I remembered it. I took my husband to the SwissTransport Museum, the Lion monument, and the Glacier Garden.

Flora Hotel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Suzannecat on May 20, 2004

The Flora Hotel is part of the Best Western chain and it was a very nice, modern place to stay. It's only a few minutes from the main train station, which is a big plus, since most people arrive in Lucerne via the Swiss Rail system. The flags hanging outside made it easy to find.

We found the room clean and comfortable but not huge -- and the elevator was tiny. It's considered a first-class hotel, sort of middle of the road. The amenities were fine -- we successfully received several important faxes via the front desk. We did not try the restaurant onsite.

The best thing about this hotel was really its location -- it's very easy to walk to bus stops for most, if not all, of the city lines, so getting around to all the tourist locations was a breeze.

Flora Hotel
Seidenhofstrasse 5
Lucerne, Switzerland

Glacier Garden

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Suzannecat on May 20, 2004

The Glacier Garden Museum and Park, within walking distance from the more famous Lion Monument, is truly a hidden gem in Lucerne. The museum showcases the area's natural history, going back 20 million years to when Lucerne was a subtropical beach. There were natural glacier giant potholes, blocks, and striations discovered during the construction of a resident's wine cellar in 1872. Adjoining botanical gardens feature ice age and alpine plants.

Additionally, the fun-house style Hall of Mirrors maze exhibit, originally built in 1896 for the Swiss national exhibition, is on display here. It seems like a bit of an anomaly in a natural history park and museum area, but it's incredible to walk through the dozens of tiny "rooms" and corridors and see yourself lost in an Alhambra-esque mirrored palace.

Glacier Garden Museum and Park
Lowenplatz area
Lucerne, Switzerland


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