Stowe is a great vacation spot no matter what season you visit.


Member Rating 0 out of 5 by ckelly on May 15, 2004

The highlight of this week in Vermont was renewing my love for the town. I have visited Stowe at least 10 times in the last 15 years and every time I go, I love the town more than the previous visit. There is so much to do and see. You should review literature and make your own choices as to what to do but here are my top five things for your enjoyment of your week:
1. Dine out at a fantastic restaurant such as Emily’s, Ten Acres Lodges, or Trapp Family Lodge. The food is wonderful and each is very charming.
2. Dine out at a local pub such as Charlie’s B, Mr. Pickwick’s (we always stop here at least once), or The Whip.
3. Take a gondola ride (if it is open). The views are fantastic.
4. Do some recreational activity such as hiking, running, alpine sliding, snowboarding, or skiing. Stowe’s Recreation Path is nationally known.
5. Do some shopping. The stores are typical of New England whimsical stores that you read about. ${QuickSuggestions} There are several sources of information to make your week more enjoyable. One is to pick up the map of the town. The best of maps (found everywhere) are wonderful. Not only do you have a map of the area (not drawn to scale of course) but also most of the restaurants, stores, etc are noted.

The Visitor’s Center is located right on Main Street (Rt 100) just past Gracie’s Restaurant. You can find many pamphlets including local events. I will never forget the hot air balloon festival!

Visit the web, especially Stowe’s official website. ${BestWay} You can do a lot of walking, but at some point, you will need a car.

Grill 108

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ckelly on May 15, 2004

This is an excellent restaurant. We had so many choices of restaurants in Stowe and I was glad we selected Grill 108. I would definitely return.

While waiting for our food, I gazed at the décor of the restaurant. We were seated in a very large booth which I enjoyed since we were not cramped at all. The benches have very high backs, which certainly is great for romantic settings. Unlike some benches, these benches included very thick cushions, which made for great comfort! There is a lot of wood molding around the room, which adds to the richness of the décor. There also are many prints to look at. Very enjoyable scenery!

The food was delicious. I ordered ribs, which were so tender that I did not need a knife! My husband also enjoyed his classic turkey dinner with all of the fixings. We also enjoyed the chocolate crepes for desert. Dinner for two, including wine and dessert, tax and tip was $63. Click here to see the complete menu. .

Even though the restaurant is new, I thought I recognized some of the interior from a prior visit. We talked to the manager and he confirmed that indeed some of the restaurant interior was from the previous restaurant, Edelweiss.

This is a relatively new restaurant and hopefully it will be around as long as the previous restaurant.

Grill 108
1899 Mountain Rd
Stowe, Vermont, 05672
(802) 253-5276

Mouth-watering pancakes at the Dutch Pancake Café

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ckelly on May 15, 2004

We had to wait a bit before this restaurant opened up but it was well worth the short wait. I had read a little about the restaurant but I was not prepared for how delicious the pancakes would be.

What is a Dutch pancake? We found out a Dutch pancake has a special recipe than the recipes you may use at home. In addition, the pancakes are prepared in a Dutch skillet. Each pancake is large since the size of the skillet is 12 inches in diameter. Of course, you could order “plain” Dutch pancakes, but most people will spend quite a long time looking over the menu to decide which ingredients to add. I, of course, knew from the beginning chocolate would be one of my extra ingredients. For less than $9, I got the most delicious banana chocolate pancake! My husband was just as happy with his apple blueberry pancake.

After eating at the Dutch Pancake Café, I can understand why the breakfast was reviewed by the New York Times as "the world's most decadent breakfast". Make sure you take some time to stop in for a great breakfast.

Click here to see a sample menu .
Click here to see a picture and some other information .

Dutch Pancake Cafe
Grey Fox Inn
Stowe, Vermont, 05672
(802) 253-8921

Falling in love with Stowe’s Recreation Path

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ckelly on May 15, 2004

Year after year, I use this path for walking, running, and biking. Of all the places I have vacationed in, this pathway is absolutely the nicest. The pathway is so nice that I ended up using the Stowe Rec Path every single day I was on vacation! As I was doing one of my daily walks, I thought of all the reasons this path (nationally recognized by the way) is so vacationer-friendly. The primary reason that the pathway is used so much is the multitude of access points and the location. By that, I mean most tourists can get to the path by walking a short distance from either a restaurant or motel on Route 108. There are also some access points with parking lots (and portable toilets) if you are staying at a motel not on the main thoroughfare. Another major access point is right in the village.

Yet, once on the path, you are secluded from the busy highway (most of the time) as the pathway winds through scenic woods. It is so peaceful along the path since there are woods, wild flowers, and park-like settings along the streams with benches for resting, rustic bridges, and great views of the mountain areas. The pathway has certainly been improved in the last 20 years since I first used the rec path. In fact, the pathway is now 5.5 miles each way (about double the original length). I believe some improvements are from the generous contributions from the Stowe Land Trust.

One final plus for this path for runners training for a race: the paved path is marked every .25 miles, so you can time how fast you are running. In addition, since no motorized vehicles are allowed, you have no gas fumes!

I have included some of my photos but
Click here for a website to see professional photos..
Click here for a map and perspective. .

Stowe Recreation Path
Village of Stowe
Stowe, Vermont, 05672
(802) 253-7350

Save Time for Shopping while in Stowe

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ckelly on May 16, 2004

I am not much of a shopper but I always make some time in my week for some shopping while in Stowe. Shopping in Stowe is a delight since there are several pockets of stores and as you wander from one to another, you definitely feel the New England charm.

First up for me is always artsy jewelry stores. This summer I was dismayed to find my all time favorite store had gone out of business but I found two great substitutes. The Stowe Craft Gallery and Vermont Heritage Gifts and Crafts had a very nice selection of jewelry as well as other unusual gifts. Make sure you look at the wonderful kaleidoscopes and outdoor sculptures. Very unusual and very tempting. Yes, I did add to my collection of jewelry with a matching onyx bracelet to match my other onyx jewelry. Both stores are at the corner of 108 and 100 so they are right in the village. And as soon as you are finished shopping, walk across the street to the covered bridge!
Click here for the webpage for Stowe Craft Gallery .

Next up is a stop at the Christmas Loft. I try to find a Stowe related Christmas ornament each time I visit the area. Each one is different and is a nice memory of my vacation week. I also look at the great display of Heritage Village and many times add to my collection!

Right across the street from Christmas Loft is the area called Red Barn shops. I received a wonderful basket of wines, chocolates, and other treats from the Mountain Cheese and Wine shop. I believe they deliver and the baskets make wonderful gifts. Samara’s Card and gift shop has the most unusual children toys and clothes and again, you can find wonderful gifts for birthdays! Even their website is a joy: Click here for their webpage.

After visiting those stores, it is just across the parking lot to the 108 West Shops. Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens have beautiful placemats, every kitchen gizmo that exists, candles, etc. Another wonderful shop. Visiting their web site will give you a small sample of some of the items found in the store: Click here for the webpage.

In addition, many of the resorts, such as Trapp Family Lodge have gift shops that are fun to browse. I have not even mentioned the clothing stores, the sports related stores, etc. Yes, Stowe has wonderful shops!

Stowe Shopping
Along 100 and 108
Stowe, Vermont

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