Lake Tahoe Ski Trip

The South Lake Tahoe area during the winter is gorgeous. Skiing was our main priority and we got our fill at Heavenly and Kirkwood. The trip was fantastic with a fun town center area and the best skiing we've ever had.

Lake Tahoe Ski Trip

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by cduhl on February 14, 2004

The scenery of the mountains and lake during the winter is phenomenal--especially from some of the ski runs of Heavenly Ski Resort. Skiing during the week was excellent as there was virtually no waiting at any of the lifts. Additionally, there are other services available such as site seeing on the lake and snowmobiling. We can't wait to come back in the summer and go hiking through the mountains.${QuickSuggestions} The area provides all sorts of dining experiences ranging from the typical casino buffets to fine dining to casual bar atmosphere to Mongolian-style create-your-own-plate-buffet. Large grocery stores are within walking distance, so dining out is not always necessary if your room is equipped with a kitchenette.${BestWay} A rental car is not required here--unless you require the freedom. To get to the ski resorts, the resort buses are the best. Heavenly has buses that run throughout the day and usually come by in 10-15 minute intervals. The Heavenly buses go to the different lodges but our suggestion is to be taken to the Heavenly gondola in the center of town, as this provides access to the best areas on the mountain. Ski resorts that are farther away, such as Kirkwood and Sierra, require transportation reservations be made the day before. From the Embassy Vacation Resort, town-center is within walking distance (<1 mile).

Embassy Vacation Resort Lake Tahoe

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by cduhl on February 14, 2004

Best Things Nearby:
Lake Tahoe (resort is right on lake); Heavenly Ski Lodge and Runs; Cold Stone Creamery (Ice Cream); Fire & Ice (Mongolian style restaurant); Boot & Bike (ski and boot repair and sizing--go at start of trip)

Best Things About the Resort:
1. Bear Moon Cafe (serves breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a quite atmosphere. A bit on the pricey side. 2. A single indoor/outdoor pool 3. Hot Tub is inside with the indoor section of the pool. 4. Rooms are clean 5. Shuttle services are available at the curb 6. Great location (not near cluster of motels but close to town-center) 7. The view of the lake and mountains

Resort Experience:
Great place to stay. The concierge is nice and polite but their help is sometimes questionable. Your ski's (only--no boots or poles) can be checked with the bellboys (very helpful); less than one mile from town-center and a sidewalk extends the whole distance. We stayed in the larger half ('A' Side of a lockoff) which contained a nice, large bathroom with Jacuzzi tub/shower. The room was kept clean and well kept. The only issue was with the bed which was *not* of superior quality and the fitted sheets came undone multiple times during the night--a few other people had the same issue.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort
901 Ski Run Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150
(530) 541-6122

Chevy's Mexican Restaurant

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by cduhl on February 14, 2004

Chevy's is your typical Mexican chain restaurant (ie. Rio Bravo, Don Pablos). Menu list is large and has mix-and-match combinations. The food was average to above average for a Mexican restaurant. Desserts are good and large--enough for two people. The weekend was very busy and required a 40 minute wait during prime dinner hours. The sound level is a bit loud due to the family and bar atmosphere.
Chevys Fresh Mex
3678 South Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150
(530) 542-1741


Member Rating 5 out of 5 by cduhl on February 14, 2004

1. Lodges at major run intersections
2. Great blue runs with georeous views
3. Runs are appropriated marked (green, blue, black)--best blue runs (long, wide and varied terrain) are at center of mountain (gondola drop-off)
4. Lodge food very pricey
5. Bathrooms pretty well kept
6. Great food selection at California lodge
7. Lift operators and other personel are very polite
8. Both myself (level 7 skier) and my wife (level 5) took private ski lessons. Our Instructors were excellent and courteous.
9. Shuttle service runs to and from Heavenly often (10-20 minute intervals).
Heavenly Ski Resort
988 Stateline Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, California
(775) 586-7000


Member Rating 5 out of 5 by cduhl on February 14, 2004

1. Not as large as Heavenly
2. Typically gets more snow, more often than Heavenly--fresh powder skiing!
3. Main lodge has nice menu and large fireplace
4. The runs are often direct, straight runs without a lot of turns.
5. The runs are not appropriately marked. The single blacks should have been blues and many of the blues should have been greens.
5. About 1-2 hr bus ride from South Lake Tahoe area (Heavenly area)--depends on weather conditions.
Kirkwood Mountain Resort
1501 Kirkwood Meadows Drive
Kirkwood, California, 95646
(970) 496-4475

Tahoe Boot 'N' Bike Works

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by cduhl on March 20, 2004

If you want a custom fit boot, this is the place to go. I found that both my wife’s current boots and mine are two to three sizes too large for our feet (front to back). Although I have a bit of room in my heel, I would have never known the boots were too big. This, the clerk tells me, is what he typically finds when people come in looking for help. The information the clerk gave me about his many years of experience and custom boot fitting and its benefits was very insightful. We did not get new boots since we were at the end of our trip, but the shop was recommended by a local ski instructor. The recommendation from the instructor and the clerks knowledge and help makes me inclined to support them.

The shop offers (from their flier):

1. Ski equipment sales and rental.

2. Custom fitting of all types of boots.

3. "Perfect Fit" guarantee with ski boot purchase.

4. Ski Repairs, tune-ups, hot waxes, and boot repairs.

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