WM Tahoe III - South Lake Tahoe Ski getaway

Review of the timeshare accomodations and a couple places that were visited.

Worldmark Tahoe III

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by LuvscoutII on December 23, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
The Stagecoach Heavenly Lodge/lift and the casino's, downtown Gondola/Marriot Timber Lodge shopping area, and Fire and Ice Grill.

Best Things About the Resort:
Beautiful vistas, friendly helpful staff, very cozy and comfortable.

Resort Experience:
Tahoe III is just a little bit down Tramway road off of Hwy 207 at about 7200ft elevation in the Tahoe Mountains. The buildings are three levels with front balconies and a back balcony. The building we stayed in had about 14 units I believe across and 3 intervals with stairs. There are 2 spas (and a pool which was closed) which are great after a hard day's skiing. Some units have views to die for and some don't have vista views except of the surrounding mountains.

There were two downsides that I noticed, but those were not exactly limiting. There are no elevators so if you're in poor physical condition it might be difficult to climb up and down the stairs unless you plan on staying inside your unit. The units don't have washers or dryers in them. There is a room off the stairs at 3 different sections with free community washer and dryers.

Inside the units, it was nicely decorated with updated/new decor and well supplied. The 2 bedroom had one full bath and a half bath. There wasn't any outside storage room for ski stuff but the closets in the bedroom were very big. It was very cozy and comfortable.

The Heavenly NV Stagecoach ski lodge and lift is just down the road about a mile away. The area is a community of lots of other timeshare/condo's, but there was a convenience store, and a bar/restaurant also just down the road. There were a lot of impromptu places to sled close by. Looked like some great snow-shoeing areas too.

Worldmark, Tahoe III
202 Tramway drive
South Lake Tahoe, California

Fire + Ice Grill

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by LuvscoutII on December 23, 2003

A great place to eat is the Fire and Ice Grill. This is "An Improvisational Grill" which is similar to Mongolian barbecue in style, but has a wider variety of food. You fill up your bowl with whatever mix of foods you want grilled and then pick a sauce or two. For lunch they had everything from burgers, fish, steak, and vegetarian dishes to all kinds of fillers like bean sprouts, baby corn, veggies, etc. They had about 20 different sauces to choose from. Good food, fun interesting and interactive idea, and good service. Lunch was 7.95 a bowl. Salad bar was additional. This was in the Marriot Timber Lodge shopping area where the gondola is located.
Fire + Ice Restaurant
4100 Lake Tahoe Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150
(530) 542-6650


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