Visiting Spooky Island - Moreton Island, Australia

Moreton Island, accessible by ferry from Brisbane, is also known as Spooky Island. During my visit to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort I found out how it came to be known by that name. Hint: Ask Sarah Michelle Gellar, or read this journal!

Visiting Spooky Island - Moreton Island, Australia

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If you haven't yet guessed, Moreton Island got its nickname because it was the backdrop for the area known as Spooky Island in the first Scooby Doo motion picture (starring Sarah Michelle Gellar). In fact, if you visit Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, you may just run into zombies...kinda. Some members of the resort's staff were cast as extras in the film!${QuickSuggestions} As soon as you arrive, check the resort's board of activities, then go to the desk and make your arrangements immediately! You don't want to find yourself sitting on the sidelines because you didn't make your bookings soon enough!

Although there is a store on the island, think about bringing a cooler with food from the mainland. Groceries on the island are expensive, and you'll pay a premium for the convenience of purchasing things there.${BestWay} Be sure to arrange your ferry transportation to the island in advance. If you're an overnight guest at Tangalooma, ask about their package prices, which include your boat ride to and from the island.

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort

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I stayed at this resort in the middle of my trip, and chose villa accommodations for one major reason...I wanted a washing machine so I could pack half as much and count on laundering my clothes mid-vacation! However, there are many room types from which to choose, ranging from standard hotel rooms (which sleep four) to the villas (which sleep eight). Having a full kitchen was also wonderful, as I started to miss my own cooking by this point! Only one other feature was absent...air conditioning! Thank goodness it was quite windy during my stay. Ceiling fans also helped. Just beware when visiting that you may not have air conditioning in your room!

Here's another option, and something many visitors to Moreton don't know: You can be a day guest, and still use Tangalooma's facilities, without staying overnight! Call the resort to arrange your day trip and activities.

I know my experience was probably not typical, but even though I had paid for my villa in advance, there was a mix-up and staff tried to put me in a standard hotel room. The villas were all occupied, which created an over-booking, and I ended up in the director's personal villa, sans the director, of course!

Tangalooma is known for their nightly wild dolphin feedings, but there are many more activities from which to choose...all-terrain-vehicle excursions, eco-tours, sand tobogganing runs, and scuba/snorkeling trips, along with standard resort sports and nightly themed entertainment. It's best described as Australia's version of Club Med.

Package prices include one dolphin feeding, accommodations, daily breakfast, and ferry transportation to the resort.
Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort
Eagle Farm
Brisbane, Australia, 4009
+61 (0)7 3268 6333

Sand Tobogganing

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The island is surrounded by natural sand dunes, which provide resort guests this very unique opportunity usually only found in a desert setting.

Sign up in advance, then show up at reception at the appointed time. A very large four-wheel-drive vehicle will be waiting to take you on a bit of an eco-tour as you make your way to the dunes for a high-speed, downhill experience you won't soon forget!

Be sure to wear sunglasses, as you don't want sand in your eyes. Long sleeves and pants are also recommended, because as you careen down the dunes, sand can get in cracks and crevices you weren't aware even existed!

You should be in reasonably good shape to experience this adventure, as climbing up sand dunes requires some exertion.

Wild Dolphin Feeding

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Every night, wild bottle-nosed dolphins that live in Moreton Bay show up at the resort for their supper. Well, almost every night! Because the dolphins don't live in captivity, the resort can't guarantee their appearance; however, I was told that Tangalooma has had only three nights that zero dolphins turned up at feeding time. That's a pretty good record! (On the night that I fed the beautiful mammals, they were all there...including the cute baby dolphin!)

After a brief talk from the dolphin handlers, groups were lined up on the beach to disinfect their hands. Groups of two were escorted into the water by a trainer. On his or her signal, feeders dropped their hands into the water, dolphins approached, and fish were fed to the animals.

Even though the waves were rough and the water downright freezing when I was there, the feeding is a must-see event. (Consider renting a wet suit!) Even if you choose not to participate, show up at feeding time anyway just to watch these animals frolic in the surf.

Pelican Feeding

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Fly_Girl on December 2, 2003

Although guests must remain off the beach, they are still afforded an excellent view of the pelicans.

A member of the animal care team will don a microphone and plug into the PA system twice a day, at pre-set feeding times. The staff member gives a lecture about the waterfowl as she tosses the fish in her bag to the birds, and then takes questions from the guests gathered on the dock.

The feeding is open to all guests, and there is no charge for this activity.

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