A weekend in Brussels

Brussels is an easy and cheap trip from London, especially now that that the Eurostar has reduced the trip time to under two and a half hours.

Royal Windsor

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by ps12 on November 5, 2003

Had high expectations of this 5- star hotel which were definitely not met. Yes, the location, a few steps away from the Grand Place, was great. Yes, the hotel has a nice feel considering its smallish size and comfortable rooms. But the service was appalling; we waited for a while to check in only to be told to come back since no rooms were ready (at after 1pm). When we came back, we had to wait again and were given a room key for the wrong room. Finally, we got to our room only to find out you had to manually lift the cover off the toilet in order to flush it. And of course, there was a long wait to check out as well. Since we only went for the weekend, it seems like we spent more time waiting than seeing Brussels! My husband was much more impressed by the Hotel Amigo, a few steps away.
Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place
Brussels, Belgium, 1000
32 2 5055555

Museum of Modern Art

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ps12 on November 5, 2003

Fantastic museum for a great price. Five floors of modern art, with the highlight of course being the Magrittes. Magritte paintings were located in two areas, with a lot of space dedicated to the artist.
Museum voor Moderne Kunst
Koningsplein 1-2 Place Royale
Brussels, Belgium, 1000
+32 2 508 33 33


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