Minivan tour of France

I've been to Paris twice before. But here are my thought from the most recent visit, with the whole family in tow (family-based thoughts).

Bus tour

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Mikey Bikey on November 4, 2003

We were looking for a way to see Paris that would appeal to our 4-year-old, be practical for our 6-month-old, and still be worth our time as adults. A guidebook recommended the bus tour of Paris. It turned out to be a great tip! We hopped on in front of Notre Dame and toured the city. We got out at the Eiffel Tower and at the Louvre. This was a great way to see the city. Our four-year-old had a fantastic time, the 6-month old was comfortable, and even mom and dad enjoyed the trip!

Jardin des Tuileries

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Mikey Bikey on November 4, 2003

While others correclty describe this as an "oasis" in Paris, I would call it a nice "break." The first two times I was here (in 1985 and 1987), I was single. I found the gardens to be a great spot to relax, especially after a long day in l'Orangerie and the Louvre. The scultpture is magnificent, as is the view of adjoining buildings (the Louvre and other Parisian landmarks). It's a wonderful spot for a picnic, too. This time (2003), I was looking for a spot where we could appreciate the beauty of Paris, and still be a nice spot for the family. This turned out to be a great choice. Our four-year-old enjoyed walking around (though they had to keep off sections of the lawn), feeding the ducks (thanks to a nice Parisian lady who shared her bread with my daughter) and eating ice cream. The adults enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Paris, the sculpture gardens, and the manicured lawn on a beautiful May day. Highly recommended for a variety of folks, including familes, especially on a beautiful day when you want to spend some time outside.
Jardin des Tuileries
Rue De Rivoli
Paris, France, 75001

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