Hilton Head & surrounding areas (Savannah, GA)

While staying on Hilton Head we decided to explore the surrounding area. As a result we ended up in Savannah, GA, which was only 40 minutes away. Downtown Savannah is a wonderful with lots of old world charm and character.

Hilton Head & surrounding areas (Savannah, GA)

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While in Hilton Head we took a couple of day trips to Savannah, GA it's only 40 minutes away.

Upon arriving in Savannah we headed for the visitor center where we parked our car for the day. Inside we browsed brochures to confirm what we wanted to do for the day and where we wanted to have dinner.

We decided to get tickets for Graylines's Savannah Historic District tour which included the riverfront and City Market. During this tour the guide highlight Hyman's Seafood restaurant as voted #1 Seafood restaurant in Charleston by Southern Living magazine and #2 along the coast. So we decided that we would have dinner there, and we were not disappointed.

We got off of the tour bus to shop along River Street and then we walked up to the City Market area and continued shopping its many shops and boutiques.${QuickSuggestions} Be sure to stop off at the visitor center to review their brochures and coupons before deciding what to do. Grayline Tours offers discounted tickets for AAA members. ${BestWay} Many of the tour companies offer unlimited on/off boarding with you tour ticket so that you can park you car and use their many buses and trolleys to get around.

The Lady and Sons

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I came across this restaurant on the internet, although when later talking about it, I found that many of my friends had heard of the restaurant and its owner on Oprah.

On the internet I could do a virtual tour, so I was able to see in advance that it was a small place, so reservations were a must. The restaurant also posts its menu and prices online, so I knew in advance that I probably wanted to go with the buffet, which was only $14.99.

Even with reservations, we had to wait 15-20 minutes to be seated because you have to check in and then you're seated in the order of your check-in time.

The food, described as Southern, was EXCELLENT! The atmosphere was casual and we had the pleasant surprise of being served by a singing waitress.

The Lady & Sons is opening up a new, bigger location down the street November 14, 2003, which is great considering the number of people without reservations who were turned away at the door because they were booked for the evening that we were there. You can view their menu online at The Lady & Sons.

Lady and Sons
102 W Congress St.
Savannah, Georgia, 31401
(912) 233-2600

The Crab Shack

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When we turned into the lot we had to laugh, because it really is a shack (smile). It even has an alligator pool in front with live gators. The restaurant sits on a river and the view is beautiful! The atmosphere is unpretentious and the food EXCELLENT. We had a version of the low country boil where they serve you crab legs, crab claws, sausage, corn, potatoes, crawfish, and shrimp. The prices are great.

Check out their website at The Crab Shack.

Crab Shack
Estill Hammock Road
Savannah, Georgia, 31328
(912) 786-9857

River Street

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At the end of our Historic District tour, River Street was the second to the last stop on our tour. So we got off of the bus to do some shopping and to take pictures along the riverfront.

From River Street you have a great view of the 'sailboat bridge', which takes you to and from Savannah. There were many local artists out with their sketchbooks, and even a street performer.

There are many shops and restaurants along the riverfront. Great for purchasing your Savannah souvenirs. With all of the benches along the riverfront, it's also a great place to relax and catch your breath.

Savannah Riverfront/River Street
Savannah's Historic Waterfront
Savannah, Georgia, 31401

City Market

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City Market is a small area in Savannah, set aside for small shops, boutiques, and restaurants. LOTS of art by local artists, gourmet candies and sweets.

One shop that we enjoyed is called Natural Wonders, where they drill holes in rough gemstone rocks for tealights. They're beautiful candle holders. They sell many other beautiful, natural things.

There are lots of benches and small tables and chairs under shady trees, creating a romatic and relaxing atmosphere for weary shoppers in the City Market area.

Thomas Kinkade City Market Gallery
Jefferson Street at West St. Julian Street
Savannah, Georgia, 31401
+1 912 447 4660

Historic District - Gray Line Tours

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Savannah's downtown Historic District is full of historic homes and garden squares. Grayline tours offers unlimited on/off privileges which allowed us to park our car at the visitor’s center while we toured and shopped downtown.

The shops on River Street (the riverfront) offer many personal and souvenir options. There are also many restaurants along the riverfront and another visitor’s center in case you need additional maps and directions. Savannah has many historic points of interest. Be sure to check out the Gray Line Tours-Savannah website for additional tour options and prices. They offer discounts for AAA members.

Gray Line Savannah Tours
215 West Boundry St.
Savannah, Georgia, 31401
(912) 232-0685


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