Heavenly Lake Tahoe

This journal provides a listing of activities in around Lake Tahoe, a description of the Embassy Vacation Resort, and a brief commentary about a cruise on the lake.

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Kermacks on October 22, 2003

The 65-mile (105km) drive around Lake Tahoe through pine forests with frequent breath-taking views of the lake, is an all-day experience or longer depending on stops and activities. Some highlights include: Richardson's Historic Camp, an early and present day recreational area; the Tallac Estates, early 20th century summer estates of four wealthy families; Emerald Bay with Fannette Island and its stone teahouse; the Vikingsholm, a reproduction of a Nordic castle; Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics; Historic Truckee, where forty-niner history was made; King's Beach, a State recreation area with huge sandy beaches; the Ponderosa Ranch, where the TV series Bonanza was filmed; a paddle-wheeler boat cruise on the Lake with colorful commentary; and six Stateline (Nevada) casinos including Caesar's and Harrah's, with gambling, dining, shows and entertainment.

Driving into Nevada and through the scenic Sierra mountains, one comes first to Carson City (capital), and then to the historic town of Virginia City. At its peak in the 1860's, gold and silver were being mined in the surrounding hills. Little has changed in the town since its booming days making it a rich legacy of the past and one of the largest historical landmarks in the USA. ${QuickSuggestions} The altitude at South Lake Tahoe is high (about 6,500 feet) and the air is dry. With that altitude and the brilliant sunshine, sun screen is especially important to prevent sunburns. Also, the high altitude may affect people with health problems.${BestWay} While public transportation is available in limited areas around Lake Tahoe, driving is the best way to see the sites and get from place to place. South Lake Tahoe, the largest populated region and the biggest built up area around the Lake, stretches several miles along the south shore creating a long narrow town among the towering pine trees. Depending upon the season, activities vary from hiking, biking, hot air ballooning, and water activities in summer to skiing on the surrounding mountains in winter. Some activities, such as cruises on the lake, visits to the casinos, or just admiring the scenery, are available year-around.

Embassy Vacation Resort Lake Tahoe

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Kermacks on October 22, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
The resort is at the east end of South Lake Tahoe and approximately one mile from the California/Nevada border. There is a large variety of activities close by, as the resort is located on the lake shore and close to a golf course, the casinos, and many restaurants within walking distance.

Best Things About the Resort:
The 6-storey resort is situated on the Lake Tahoe. Some units have a beautiful view of the lake, but most face the Heavenly Ski Run mountain. Each 2 bedroom unit is spacious. The bathroom off the master bedroom is huge and has its own deep tub Jacuzzi. The resort is within walking distance to several restaurants and a discount dining card was provided on arrival. The resort has an indoor/outdoor pool, which is connected so one can swim from one to another. Resort staff were very friendly and helpful.

Resort Experience:
We rated the unit as 'fair' because we were in a unit in need of refurbishing -- carpet frayed, living room furniture badly worn and mattresses flat. However, units are in the process of being redone, and we saw a newly decorated condo with its bright new colours, rugs, furniture, drapes and bed. These we would rate as 'excellent'. While the units are spacious, the kitchen area is small. However, it is well-stocked with appliances, dishes and utensils, and all were in good working order. Instructions are provided on operation of many items in the condo manual. There are 3 televisions in each unit along with CD and VHF players. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed. The second bedroom has two queen-sized beds, a table, chairs and its own partial kitchen. Each unit has a small balcony, which, together with windows that open in each room, allowed us to get plenty of fresh air. Units are also air-conditioned. Laundry rooms with coin-operated washer and dryer are located on most floors. There are two elevators and these were always very fast.

The resort has many scheduled activities for all ages and an activity centre, which has been well-designed for children, leads outside to a central courtyard with grass, play equipment, etc. There is a fitness centre with several activity machines. A restaurant and a small bar are located on site. Another wing is planned for the resort.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort
901 Ski Run Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150
(530) 541-6122

Lake Tahoe Queen

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Kermacks on October 22, 2003

This 2 1/4 hour cruise on a paddle-wheel boat on the southern end of Lake Tahoe was scenic, interesting and a trip to remember. The captain provided an amusing and informative commentary at appropriate times throughout the cruise. It was a beautiful sunny day in October; the colors on the water were magical, and the surrounding mountains rugged and picturesque. Our destination was Emerald Bay and we cruised into the bay and around Fannette Island seeing Mrs. Knight's teahouse on the island, and her reproduction of a Nordic castle -- Vikingsholm -- on the shore. Landmarks, such as a mountain slide, an eagle's nest and other spots of interest were pointed out. Food and drink and souvenirs were available on board.

A special feature of this trip was the captain performing a marriage ceremony on board. The bride in her beautiful dress and veil made a lovely sight on the bow of the boat.

Lake Tahoe Cruises
900 Ski Run Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150
(775) 589-4906


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