Washington, DC with kids

Washington DC with young children requires some advance planning, an early morning to avoid the worse of the afternoon heat, and some advance decisions on what priorities to see along with some serious flexibility.

Washington, DC with kids

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Tenia on October 15, 2003

The Washington Zoo was a favorite with the kids. I couldn't believe there was only a charge for parking. The pandas were cute as they rolled around and played with each other like young children. The Washington Monument was interesting although we found the Mall to be a lot of walking for a hot afternoon in July. The Vietnam Wall was powerful in its simplicity and the Lincoln Memorial Was impressive with it's large size. Having a city map so you know which building is which helped to identify all the fascinating buildings that surround the area.${QuickSuggestions} You have to choose what you're going to do because there is so much to choose from. I was satisfied to see the White House and Congress in the distance, but I can see that both would be nice for a closer look. We did order in advance tickets for the Washington Monument to go up to the top. However, it was too hot to wait so we gave our tickets away. Tickets were $1.50 each in advance.${BestWay} Parking is a problem. Luckily it was Sunday so we were able to find a parking spot near Kennedy Centre and walk toward the Mall, about two miles. A long walk for the kids on a hot afternoon, especially coming back to the car when they had already had enough. A lot of travel books suggest using the subway, but with the young kids it was nice to have the car closeby.


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