Maine travels

If you like antiques and old architecture, this is the place to go. Rockport is close to a lot of great antique stores of all types for you pottery fans, Roseville that is hard to find. Old estate and manor homes that are over 100-150-years-old can be seen everywhere.

Maine travels

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Rockport is a small town on the east coast of Maine. This is an incredible place to go antiquing -- a lot of small shops with incredible antiques.${QuickSuggestions} ${BestWay} I definitely recommend renting a car for this trip. Rockport is a small town population-wise, but it covers a large area. Also, you can drive to Bangor, Portland, and Bar Harbor within an hour of each direction.

Samoset Resort

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Best Things Nearby:
There is plenty of antiquing, sightseeing, and shopping in this area.

Best Things About the Resort:
Samoset has an incredible oceanfront view.

Resort Experience:
Samoset is in an incredible area. If you like scenery of any type, you will love the area. The foliage in the area is great with incredible shades of orange, gold, and red. If you like ocean scenery and golf, this is the best resort for you. The large Atlantic waterhole for their on-site golf course is breathtaking. There is a large population of older Victorian farmhouses and estate homes. It seems like everywhere you go there is another great seafood restaurant and another antique store.

Samoset Resort
220 Warrenton Street
Rockport, Maine, 04856
(207) 594-2511


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Not just another seafood restaurant!!! Very quaint and friendly with GREAT people. The people and food at this restaurant did not leave me disappointed. Whether you are a seafood lover or not, the menu will keep you happy. I had smoked haddock on one trip and a club sandwich on another. Large portions that filled me to the bulging point. It was not one of those meals where you are hungry in an hour.
Cappy's Chowder House
1 Main St
Rockport , Maine, 04843
(207) 236-2254

Antique Treasures

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Being from Saint John, NB, Canada, I have a great eye for Victorian furniture, as Emery Furniture was one of the leading Victorian furniture companies in North America, and he was based out of Saint John. I was definitely not disappointed with the selections in this store. There are some great pieces here that are very reasonably priced. There were several desks and tables that just drew the breath out of my lungs. There are some inlays and hand designs that are spectacular. Now, if you are into Roseville pottery, you will find a great selection here. There was an incredible Sunflower Jardiniere that just blew me away . . . Sunflower being a hard pattern to find. It was in mint condition and was reasonably priced. There is a Mailboxes, Etc. nearby that will ship for you.
Antique Treasures
147 Route 90
Rockport , Maine, 04865
(207) 596-7650

Early Times Antiques

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Another great example of Victorian furniture. I prefered the stock at Antique Treasures, but was not disappointed with the stock here either. I still recommend going here as the condition of the stock is great, and everyone has a different eye for what they like. This was not a junk shop.
Early Times Antiques
804 Route 90
Rockport , Maine, 04856
(207) 236-3001

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