Are You Beautiful Enough for Punta del Este

The jewel of the Uruguayan Riviera, Punta del Este is the favourite summer spot of models, moguls and the moneyed.

Are You Beautiful Enough for Punta del Este

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Beaches, nightclubs, surfing and people watching are the main activities here.${QuickSuggestions} Don't bother with a bikini top if you are a girl; most women are flawlessly topless. Also, don't expect to sleep much--this is a party town, and even if you are not raving into the sunrise, dinner never starts before 10pm. This is not a budget holiday destination, so don't even think about spending less than 30 dollars a day!${BestWay} Everyone has a car or a motorcycle, but it is a pleasant town to get around by foot or bicycle.

Peninusla Hotel

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This is one of the cheaper hotels in Punta, but it is close to the centre of town, is clean, and provides breakfast in with the price.

All rooms have a TV, phone, and en suite facilities, and there is also an outdoor pool and gym for guests.

Americana Village
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150

Hotel Iberia

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This is a three star hotel situated only one block from del Este's main avenue, and right beside the attractive Feria Artesanal (Arts & Crafts Fair). The hotel has clean and comfortable rooms, including a number of apartments and suites. Prices range between U$S 65 and $70 for a double room .

Pizza Banana

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This is one of Punta's most popular spots, serving pizza for dinner, then everyone gets up and sings and dances to rather cheesy South American pop. It's no London club or New York hotspot, but it is one of the most popular that Punta has to offer.

What You'll do At Night

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In the summer, the best thing that could happen is that you'll be invited to sail on some mogul's yacht, or perhaps to dine with a group of TV stars at someone's posh apartment. People on the beaches are quite friendly and will frequently invite you to go out with them after a small chat.

If you don't get lucky, you can always hit any of the restaurants (after 10, of course!). These usually turn into nightclubby situations, with people staying until 1 or 2 in the morning, drinking wine or sipping coffee and sometimes dancing, if there is a small dancefloor.

I don't have addresses, but some of the most popular nightspots are Pacha, Tequila, La Moracha and Pizza Banana. Make sure you're sharply dressed--the doormen can be quite picky!

Cover charges usually apply, and they range from 10-20 dollars!

Are You Beautiful Enough for Punta del Este?

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If you are made squeamish by machismo, are burdened by a beer gut or cellulite or hold any strong Marxist beliefs, you may want to reconsider traveling here!

This posh South American resort is the playground for Latin America's rich and famous, with a few Italian playboys thrown in. Women are gorgeous and barely dressed, and the men are rich and, er..., appreciative of feminine pulchritude. You can almost smell the money burning and the pherenomes wafting through the Atlantic breeze!

The north of Punta is filled with some of the finest residential areas in South America. With their distinctive 'mound landscapes' this area of the Maldonando Region is a 'must see' for tourists and visitors. Rather expensive golf and tennis clubs can also be found in this vicinity.

The seaside is divided into two parts by a point of land: the Playa Brava, with the roughest waves, is good for surfing, and its beach is marked by the presence of an enormous hand reaching out of the sand. Near this beach is the Playa Ingleses, which can be quite dangerous due to its strong currents and sharp rocks. The quieter side of the ocean (the 'Mansa' side) is host to beachgoers of all types, but especially families. The tip of the point is host to an outdoor market, and the place where sea lions beg for fish from the boats that later stock the restaurants with their catch of the day.

The sea lions come from opposite the large peninsula separating the two waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Rio de la Plata. Their home is the islands of Isla Gorriti and Isla de los Lobos, which was threatened by a huge oil spill just a few years ago. This has since been laboriously cleaned up, but which caused much damage to marine life.

Crowded beaches in-season are expected but only a few miles north towards La Barra, one can find the peace and rhythm of the South Atlantic Sea.

Accessible by car, La Barra del Maldonado, a beautiful inlet that flows from the back bay area of Maldonado out to the Atlantic Ocean, is found even further in the north. This area is where the locals go to get away from the crowded beaches, and where you can find some amazing restaurants and sunsets.

If you get sick of the beach and the parties, there is great shopping in Punta, with all of the major South American brands present and accounted for.

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