Up on the Roof at Eagle Lake/Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to go and get away from the daily grind, but even this idyllic setting can be a little too busy. If you don't mind a little hiking, you can get away from the crowd by going 'up on the roof'.

Up on the Roof at Eagle Lake/Lake Tahoe

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As most places of natural beauty, Lake Tahoe has not escaped the commercialization of tourism. Many find relaxation in various forms in South Lake Tahoe, but where do you go to get away from those who are getting away from it all?
Take CA 89 from South Lake Tahoe (North) and as you get to Emerald Bay, look for a parking lot on the west side of the road for Eagle Falls. Park in the lot, fill out the day hiking permit, and start up the trail. At first, the trail will be easy going and populated. This segment leads to Eagle Falls and many go there to gaze on the vista of Emerald Bay from the falls. Past this point is where you will lose most of the crowd as you enter the Desolation Wilderness Area. The trail continues for about a mile of sometimes steep and rocky terrain, but holds many 'postcard views' along the way. When you reach Eagle Lake, you will find that your trek was well worth the effort. The lake is small, quiet, and peaceful. A nice change from the 'rat race below'. ${QuickSuggestions} Take hiking boots or good durable walking shoes for the trail, as well as water and personal gear for weather. MAKE SURE to fill out the day permit. It is just wise to do - just in case as the saying goes. ${BestWay}

Fantasy Inn

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The Fantasy Inn is a place for romance. The couples only inn has a range of rooms available, from simple to deluxe theme rooms, but all the rooms include: In room whirlpool spas, mood lighting, DMX stereo systems, 'intriguing mirror treatments,' and a complimentary bottle of wine or sparkling cider. The decor is elegant and rooms are well appointed. You can choose a room theme from a sultan's tent or tropical treehouse, to the Queens Quarters or Romans rooms. Check out their website at www.fantasy-inn.com for rates and room photos. We stayed in the Queens Quarters Suite and it was fabulously romantic and comfortable. The heart-shaped tub works great with bubble bath. LOL.
Fantasy Inn And Wedding Chapel
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150

Llewellyn's (at Harveys Lake Tahoe)

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If you're looking for a fine dining experience in S. Lake Tahoe, try Llewellyn's inside Harveys Resort & Casino. Located on the 19th floor, Llewellyn's has a spectacular view of the lake that just adds to the wonderful cuisine. For starters, try the Lobster Bisque - served in a bread bowl. The menu features a wide variety of continental choices from seafood and steaks, to veal and lamb. The food is excellent and beautifully presented, and the service is impeccable.
Llewellyn's (at Harveys Lake Tahoe)
US Hwy. 50
South Lake Tahoe, California
1(800) HARVEYS

Harrah's Forest Buffet

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If you are looking for a feast of a Sunday brunch, take your appetite to Harrah's Forest Buffet. I know, I know - when someone says the word buffet, we envision lumps of semi-warm, over-cooked almost recognizable food stuff. I must admit, I saw the price (16.99 per adult) and thought, there is no way this place could be that good. Well, the people at Harrah's changed my mind.

What a SPREAD! Shrimp and crab by the bushels, prime rib, ham, pizza, pasta, fruit, fresh berries, Pacific Rim (oriental) entrees, soups and salads - and breakfast besides! An omlette station for fresh eggs and omlettes, a bakery station with fresh Belgian waffles and baked goodies, grilled pork chops, eggs Benedict, the list goes on and on. I hate to admit it, but we ate for almost 3 hours. By the way, leave room for dessert (You'll have to see it to believe it!).

Drinks are included in the price, and when I was there that included about anything you could want- coffee, juice, soft drinks, beer, wine, and champagne. Try it, you'll like it(just remember to wear your relaxed fit jeans), and oh - almost forgot: the place even has a view!

Harrah's Forest Buffet
US 50 & the California Line
South Lake Tahoe, California

Truckee River Rafting

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For a nice river ride with just enough rapids to make you feel like you've accomplished something, try the raft liveries along the Truckee River in Tahoe City. The trip will take you along some nice stretches of quiet water, and then give you some short stretches of rapids (all under catagory 2) to quicken your blood flow. Some of the ride is next to the highway and not so quiet, but most of it is enjoyable. Be careful, the hardest set of rapids meets you at the end of the journey, so don't be lulled into a false sense of security.
Truckee River Rafting
55 W Lake Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96145
(530) 583-7238

Squaw Valley USA High Camp (Summer)

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Squaw Valley - a name that says ski, snow, Olympics, the Big Time lifts, but what about in the summer? Well, Squaw has a whole different personality when it's green. Take the drive up CA 89 from Lake Tahoe and turn in when you get to the Olympic towers at the Squaw Valley entrance. When you get to the ski resort, head for the Cable Car, cough up the fee (it's worth the money - do it), and get on your way to a venue with a view. High Camp during the summer months has a host of activities to make your day. Ice skating at the Olympic Ice Pavilion, soaking up the sun at the Swimming Lagoon and Spa, or playing tennis are just a few options available. The view of the Sierras and Lake Tahoe are exquisite from the vantage point at High Camp (altitude 8200').

There are hiking trails (as well as mountain biking trails) for the adventure types, and an umbrella bar and restaurant for the relaxing types. The High Camp also houses a museum telling the story of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games that were held there at Squaw Valley, including a set of skis that a competitor pawned to buy his ticket home after losing his money at the casinos in South Lake Tahoe. Set up for day use only, High Camp is a nice option for exercise, relaxation, and fun. Oh yeah, if you are afraid of heights, close your eyes on the cable car ride and have someone else take the pictures.

Squaw Valley
P.O. Box 2007
North Lake Tahoe, California, 96146
(530) 583-6985


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