Animal Kingdom

Wow! It was a highlight of our Disney vacation.

Animal Kingdom

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Tenia on September 4, 2003

Head for Safari as soon as you arrive. Use Fast Pass if the wait is more than 30 minutes. If you're going down Congo River you might get very wet. A cheap raincoat from the dollar store is worth it. Dinosaur was great, although a little intensive and jerky for my 5-year-old. Didn't like the extra-cost "fair type" games. We thought we paid enough to get in without paying additional fees.${QuickSuggestions} Park closes early so you might want to stay for the day.

Lots of shady places due to intense vegetation.

Liked McDonalds' french fries. You knew the kids would eat them.

Don't miss It's a Bugs Life Show or the Lion King Show--both were great. Although hot in July (the Mister from Walmart was great--$5.00 versus $17.00 for Disney version), the fun of the day were all the shows which broke the day up for everyone.${BestWay} There were no "people movers" in the park so you did a lot of walking. Each time you changed lands you had to double back to the Tree of Life. However, the tree from each different angle was impressive.

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