Harlem in Paris

It was with Le Tumulte Noir (The Black Storm), France's own version of the Harlem Renaissance from 1914 to 1940, that gave Jazz and black culture a permanent home for itself in Paris. Today, there are an innumerable interesting African American venues in Paris; from Jazz joints, soul food restaurants and hip-hop culbs.

Harlem in Paris

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A rich history which many aren't aware of (but more should be) exists in Paris. Many notable African-American artist made Paris their home -- Josephine Baker, Charlie Parker, James Baldwin just to name a few. Paris has always welcomed African Americans and so it will welcome you.${QuickSuggestions} ${BestWay}


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Percy Taylor, owner of Percy's Place, opened the first African American owned and run bed and breakfast this year. The bed and breakfast, located above Percy's Place, consists of a large, newly renovated room (accommodates two at most) 1 full-size bed, an American bath, cellular phone, television, mini-bar and includes breakfast. The cost is: 600 francs/night (October - March) 800 francs/night (April -September) (Tax not included, 100F/night supplement for additional person) For more information please call or email: percys.place@wanadoo.fr
Percy's B&B

Paris, France

Haynes (Soul Food)

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If you adore trekking through African American history, Haynes is a must see. Considered by many as a historical landmark, Haynes was the first African American owned restaurant opened in Paris and just about everyone who is anyone in African American history has been there at some time or another. The walls are covered with photos of African American celebrities and others who have dined there. No surprise that the menu serves up classic soul food fare, including fried chicken, ribs, creole chicken, peach cobbler and cornbread. Great place to widdle away the time and dream of yesteryear. Live jazz on the weekends.

M°: Pigalle

Haynes - Soul Food
4 Rue Clauzel
Paris, France
01 48 78 40 63

Percy's Place (Soul Food)

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Can't climb the stairs of another museum without a real down home meal sticking to your ribs? Percy's Place is the place to be. Described as southern cooking with a 'haute' twist, the chef and owner Percy throws down, offering a huge selection of southern classics in traditional French brasserie setting. Gumbo, fried chicken, barbeque, you name it, he's got it. Percy can also cater your big bash in the City of Lights.

M°: Eglise d'Auteil -

Percy's Place
15, rue d'Auteil (16e)
Paris, France, 75016
01 42 88 14 44

Cithéa Jazz Club

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These are so many wonderful jazz clubs, this is one I loved dearly. Famous Jazz musicans from all over the world play here often. Metro Stop: Saint-Maur Tel.
114, rue Oberkampf
Paris, France, 75011
+33 1 40 21 70 95


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Translated, means 'the world's sofa'. Just as the name suggests, this is where connoisseurs of world culture converge. Everything you could possibly want in music venue, Divan du Monde has it: live music, talented dj's, special theme events. Bands from all over the world get the Divan moving, with Afro-Cuban, African, Caribbean, Salsa, Samba, Soul, and House influenced music. An African American man owns the spot, and he happens to be stuck in the 80ies. Sometimes I feel like I'm on Soul Train when I'm at the club on certain nights. It's nothing fancy, and you may even be put off by the rather rough Pigalle neighborhood, but I assure you a good time.
Divan du Monde
75, rue des Martyrs
Paris, France, 75018
+33 1 44 92 77 66

Black Paris tour

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The tour was informational, interesting and insightful. I'd especially recommend the tour to anyone who has an interest in offbeat historical spots.
Black Paris Tour

Paris, France
+33 1 46 37 03 96


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