Weekend trip to Boston.

Marriott Copley Place

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kfs1980 on July 19, 2003

The weekend is definetly the time to stay here. A little quieter than during the week, and certainly much less expensive. (Hotel rooms are usually around 299+ during the week, 149-ish on the weekend.) It's a beautiful hotel, and in a perfect location. They're in the building directly on top of the Copley Square Mall. Not far from anything, and very close to the subway. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the rooms were beautiful.
Boston Marriott Copley Place
110 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
(617) 236-5800

The Bay Tower

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by kfs1980 on July 19, 2003

The food was pretty good, but I'm assuming what you're really paying for here is the view. It's on the 33rd floor above Faneuil Hall, and looks out over the harbour. Beautiful. Dinner for two was right around 150$. Nice atmosphere, but, in my opinion, not worth 150$....
Bay Tower Room
60 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02109
(617) 723-1666

16 Garden St

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by kfs1980 on July 19, 2003

This place was great. It's the restaurant for the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Cambridge. Very easy to find. Dinner for two was right around 65$ - quite reasonable. It was so good, we went back for brunch Sunday morning, only to find out that (apparently) that's where everybody else goes, too. Took us about an hour to get in, but it was well worth the wait. Just remember to make reservations if you're headed in for Sunday brunch...
16 Garden Street
16 Garden Street
Boston, Massachusetts

The Science Museum

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kfs1980 on July 19, 2003

This place was great. Definetly an easy way to kill most of an afternoon without even noticing. My boyfriend and I have very different interests, but didn't need to go our separate ways. There was enough going on that we could see something we liked from wherever we were. There was probably a 75 year age range, from about 3 years old, right on up the day we were there. Any place you can take the baby, the 18 year old and grandma has to be good. If you've got the time, it's definetly worth it.
Museum of Science
1 Museum Of Science Driveway at Science Park
Boston, Massachusetts, 02114
(617) 723-2500

Boston by Little Feet

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kfs1980 on July 25, 2003

For a tour that's geared towards kids, I learned a lot. I had my four year old niece and my 90 year old grandmother with me, so some activities were out of the question. This however, was a delightful surprise. One of the nice things about this tour is that it isn't quite as long as the regular "Boston by Foot" tours.

Some of the content is historical, some pieces are just plain fun facts. The kids are given explorer's guides and maps - very cool for a 4 year old. My Grandmother liked the fact that it wasn't as long as the other tours - only an hour, and since so many of the kids have questions, the stops were a little longer.

The tour starts at Faneuil Hall on Congress St (a good place to go for lunch after the tour ends around 11am) and takes you through the Freedom Trail.

Boston by Little Feet
Congress Street
Boston, Massachusetts

See this website before you go!!!

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by kfs1980 on July 19, 2003

If you're headed for Boston, your first stop should be

I had been to Boston before, and being a little cocky, thought I knew the least expensive and easiest way to plan this trip. Apparently, I was wrong. Somebody gave me the web address and it probably saved me upwards of US$300 and about six hours. They have hotel deals, maps, schedules, dinner reservations, and all sorts of good stuff.

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