Wonderful Week in Stowe

This was our first time we visited Stowe in May and it was a wonderful time for a vacation. We had beautiful weather and since the peak season had not officially begun, we didn't have problems with crowds! Stowe truly is shedding it's image as a winter destination.

Wonderful Week in Stowe

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One highlight of this trip to Stowe was spending a few days with our friends. Since we were able to secure a three-bedroom timeshare, we had extra room and invited some friends to vacation with us. It was very enjoyable to relax, see a few sights, play tennis together, and go out to dinner with our friends.

Before our friends arrived, my wife made of list of things to do while they were visiting us. Her intention was to write down the possibilities. However, the rest of us kept teasing her that she was trying to kill us with her long list of about 25 things. She kept insisting that it was just a menu for our friends to choose from.

She had quite a list though I did like the eat, drink, and be merry part! We had a few meals at our condo and ate out (at Charlie B’s). We did our fair share of drinking in and out. In-between we drove to the Smuggler’s Notch area where we drove on the twisted mountain road just to the west of Stowe. We also drove up the Mt Toll Road so we could view the Stowe area. That event also took care of another item on my wife’s list: hiking. Our hiking was limited in length since my wife was not in climbing fitness shape!

For recreation we played tennis, swam, and enjoyed the hot tub.

P.S. My wife and I managed to do 17 out of her list of 23 things to do!${QuickSuggestions} For first time visitors, visit Stowe's Visitor Information. Click here for lots of information. There are many links from this site to give you ideas of things to do!

Stowe prides itself on being a great place to vacation. It has absolutely fantastic restaurants. The many quaint and varied stores for shopping will keep you busy. There are many facilities for sports such as horseback riding, skiing, biking,hiking, tennis, golf, etc. Plus there are lots of activities for families such as Alpine Village and the Swimming Hole.

At most restaurants, you can find the weekly newspaper, maps, and lots of pamphlets to give you a roadmap of things to do.

Finally the Visitor’s Center is on Route 100 in the center of town.${BestWay} An auto is needed to fully enjoy the area.

Mountainside Resort at Stowe

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by golfntennis on June 19, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
Golf course
Stowe’s recreation Ppath
Numerous stores


Best Things About the Resort:
Tennis court on site
Large indoor pool
Large balcony

Resort Experience:
The Mountainside Resort is a very comfortable resort that is close to the golf course, which is a big plus for me. I have stayed at this resort several times in the past but this is the first time that I had a three-bedroom. This is also the first time that I stayed at the resort in May which was a much more enjoyable experience than when I stayed in the hot summer! The rooms are quite adequate and there are only about 10 condo units per building. The approximately 10 buildings are spread out over a considerable area so you do not feel on top of your neighbors. In addition, the building that housed the indoor pool was close by. Between all the buildings the property was nicely landscaped.

I believe that the basic rooms of the units are quite similar whether you have a two or three bedroom unit. I will describe the three-bedroom unit I had this time. The galley kitchen was very small but my wife and I go out for each dinner so it was plenty big for us. The kitchen consisted of a full-sized stove with oven; refrigerator; dishwasher; small appliances such as blender, coffeemaker, and toaster; and of course a sink and enough cabinets. There was enough counter space that I was able to store the food items that I brought for the week. Pretty basic but no complaints certainly!

The dining room area (open areas between kitchen area and living room and "hallways") had a large table but I think there were only six chairs even though the condo was rated for eight people. There wasn’t an official breakfast counter but there was a counter that was absolutely great for putting stuff. That’s where the camera, keys, etc landed! The living room had a couch, a loveseat, cocktail table, and TV. The furniture was comfortable and large enough to hold the four of us that stayed in the condo. If more than five people, you would be able to use the dining room chairs for additional seating. There was also a DVD player and a gas stove fireplace. One interesting note about the living room furniture is that the management asked us if it was ok to deliver new living room furniture. We said ok and the existing couch, which seemed ok, was replaced with a larger brand new couch but my wife insisted that it "clashed" with the colors of the rug. The loveseat was replaced with two swivel chairs, which were very comfortable (and matched the rug!). Of course losing the loveseat meant losing the bed inside the loveseat. Off the dining room area was the deck area (covered so I didn’t have to worry about too much sun) with plenty of chairs and lounges.

The three bedrooms were very small but adequate. The master bedroom had a queen-sized bed, plenty of closet space, and plenty of drawer space. Even the end tables had drawers for clothing. One bathroom was accessible from this room. The bathroom was very cramped and that is my only negative comment about the condo. The second bedroom was off the hallway, which provided some privacy. Again the room itself was small but no complaints about closet space. There were 2 twin beds and a small TV. Down a narrow spiral staircase was the third bedroom with a bathroom and sauna. Again, the room was small but adequate. A third TV was also in the room. An interesting note about this room was you could exit the condo via a door that opened to ground floor of the building (rather than going up and down the spiral stairs!). This layout provided maximum privacy for guests staying in this bedroom.

There were several other things I liked about this condo such as being close to the pool building. That building housed the large indoor pool, which had very warm water. I very seldom swim in hotel pools since the water is usually too cold but this time I was in the pool lots of evenings. In addition the hot tub has the greatest jets! I also liked having tennis courts on-site. Most of the time we were the only ones using the courts though we did have to wait once while the high school team finished a match.

On final note about the condo: the golf course is close by so my wife could walk to parking lot to get our car if she needed. The condo is also close to the village.

Mountainside Resort
Cottage Farm Road
Stowe, Vermont


Member Rating 5 out of 5 by golfntennis on June 19, 2003

I cannot rave enough about this restaurant. Ironically, I had always previously thought that if a restaurant had few patrons, it probably wasn’t that great. For the first hour or so, we were the only diners, but it was wonderful. The food was great, the waiter was very attentive, the views were fantastic, etc.

The dining room itself is very country atmosphere with lots of pine, sturdy tables and chairs, and country style lamps. I believe the ceiling had exposed beams. Also the tables were large so we weren’t hitting elbows with each other and even if all the tables were occupied, there was enough spacing between tables so you had some privacy.

As for the food, everything was WONDERFUL. I had a lobster and salmon terrine appetizer that tasted delicious. There was plenty to share with my wife. I had steak Diane and my wife had lamb steaks. Very delicious! The chef did a great job with the presentation. We also had a great bottle of wine (but skipped on the $400 bottle!). My wife finished her dinner with the Chocolate Decadence dessert.

Even though there was only one other couple dining while we were there, I never felt that there were any regrets that the restaurant was opened (many Stowe restaurants did not open till the following weekend). And the waiter was wonderful. He was always attentive but not intrusive. He gave us some background information about the restaurant. And he told a great joke at the beginning of the evening. By the way, the other couple was "local" and they dine at the restaurant quite often.

Click here for the restaurant’s webpage.

Emily Stowehof Inn
434 Edson Hill Rd
Stowe, Vermont, 05672
(802) 253-9722

Charlie B's

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I liked Charlie B’s Pub so much that we returned the next evening (with two friends in tow). And we were tempted to return the third evening. The food and atmosphere was wonderful.

There was so much to like about this restaurant such as:

The décor: We ate in the octogon room that had a large cupola ceiling. High on the walls was the 360 mural of the balloon festival scenes. Around the room were six large booths that each could seat six people easily so we were not crowded at all. In addition, there were a few tables in the middle.

The food: The menu offered a large selection of entrees and also had an excellent wine list. Everything we ordered was delicious. The Seafood Diablo was absolutely fantastic. The salmon was very tasty. The steak was very distinctive (not sure what seasoning was used). The dessert, Chocolate Melody, was a great hit with my wife!

Presentation: The best way to describe how well the chef did in presentation is to imagine a florist putting together a very special arrangement. That is the image I had when I looked at our plates.

Wait staff: The waiters, waitresses, and hosts were very friendly, efficient, informative, etc. The one waiter discussed with us the Stowe annual balloon festival. The one waitress put us out of our misery and knew that Pat Benatar was the singer’s name we were searching our memory banks for!

Cost: I thought the costs of entrees were reasonable considering the quality of food. However when you factor in the 50% coupon that we cut out of the newspaper (and then received another one for next visit), the prices were fantastic. The second night we saved $36 for the four dinners!

By the way, Charlie B’s is the informal dining room that is connected to Winfield’s. Winfield’s is considered the fine dining restaurant. We didn’t get a chance to eat in Winfield’s since it wasn’t open for the season yet.

Charlie B's
1746 Mountain Rd
Stowe, Vermont, 05672
(802) 253-7355

Stowe Country Club

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I was able to play golf at the Stowe Country club twice during our stay. Both times, I was able to get a tee time to my liking and was paired up with other players so I didn’t have to play as a single.

Whenever staying in Stowe, this is the place to play golf. There are great views of the valley so you could consider it a very scenic golf course. There are some sand traps (though sand was just being put in that week) and a few ponds but water is not a factor. With that said, I find the course to be challenging course but not impossible.

Another plus is the fact that the course was not crowded during the week, which makes for fast play. It is so much enjoyable to golf when you are able to golf during the morning and then have the afternoon for other activities. In addition, the course is close by the condo (approx 5 minutes of walking) so my wife can get the car if she needs it.

There is a nice restaurant on-site which is convenient. Usually I buy a hat (or two) in the pro shop.

Other plusses of this course include the driving range so I can hit a bucket or two before the 18 holes of play and the fantastic golf school connected to course. Even though this course is not on a top 10 list, you will enjoy golfing here.

Stowe Country Club
5781 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT, 05672
(800) 253-4754


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