Springtime in Music City

A break from the tundra of New England brought us to the fun music wonderland that is Nashville...a great place to visit, listen and learn.

Springtime in Music City

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by kmclark on April 26, 2003

Nashville is a touristy, country music fan haven! The shopping, food and hominess are just the best! We went to Ryman, the Parthenon (little known til we got there), the Grand Ole Opry, the Acuff Museum, the Opryland Hotel, CM Hall of Fame and Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree for starters. We took a "gray-line" to reintroduce us to the wax museum and some singers' digs along with history traversing the Cumberland River with a great tour guide. ${QuickSuggestions} Take the tour first. It more easily aclimates you as this city has several major highways intersecting in the middle of it. Didn't matter to me if we got lost cuz there's always something new to find and enjoy, although getting lost got on my daughter's nerves. I basically like the local colors and don't care...very laid back and nice. They have little clue about snow, but there was some this last trip. Just be prepared to ask for assistance and to assist, if need be.${BestWay} We flew. First time to TN I went by bus - so not fun, but you get to meet nice people. This time I rented a car at the airport. It was great! I don't say that about many major cities. Found all the sites I wanted to visit (and more) and sure I missed a couple. Driving is decent there for a major city. We never went by bus or taxi anywhere; it was homey and comfortable.

Ramada Inn Downtown

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by kmclark on June 16, 2003

The room wasn't overly fancy but certainly adequate for our purposes with two double beds and a color, cable TV the girls had trouble tearing themselves away from. There was nothing complimentary (i.e. breakfast) here but the staff was very friendly and helpful with directions and support. What I really liked about it is the location. It's so central and easily accessible. Although it's right across the street from the state capitol, traffic was never a problem.
Ramada Inn Downtown
840 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 244-6130

Grand Ole Opry

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by kmclark on April 26, 2003

We found tickets for a Saturday night performance and were seated in the first row of the first balcony. There was to be a surprise guest, although the lineup was so grand, who cared?! Porter Wagoner was host and did it very well. Stars came and went and stayed onstage...just super! Then when the special guest appeared (Ricky Skaggs), the girls went wild. Jess took her camera up and took a photo of the poor guy closer and closer and he finally touched her hand and (bet she hasn't washed it since!) my daughter let out an eardrum-smashing screech.

Well, the performance was televised -- yup, we saw it while prepping at Shonie’s for the Midnight Jamboree, and the finale was, you bet, my little tiny girl letting go with her unbeatable Yankee holler!

Grand Ole Opry
2804 Opryland Drive
Nashville, Tennessee, 37214
(615) 871-6779

Ryman Auditorium

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kmclark on June 16, 2003

Although Ryman's best known as the former home of the Grand Ole Opry, it was originally a tabernacle built by riverboat captain Tom Ryman. The motel staff gave us decent directions and we found it with little difficulty. We took the tour after which we all emptied our pockets and bought tons of great, reasonably priced music to take home and enjoy forever. The selection was the best I've seen anywhere. Of course the teens didn't recognize many names ("who the heck is George Jones?"), but I certainly had quite the time with so much more to choose from.

Further on in our Nashville visit, we had our picture taken on an old "Hee Haw" set after the Grand Ole Opry show with a Canadian gal we met on tour at Twitty City (so you know this isn't current since he passed shortly after our trip at the age of 59.

On an abutting street is "Gilly's", which my daughter thought must be "a fish place" since she'd never heard of Mickey. See what I mean? But it was surely a wonderful visit and the tour/building awesome! There's history here for the country buff, for sure.

Ryman Auditorium
116 Fifth Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee, 37219
(615) 254-1445

Nashville's Parthenon

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by kmclark on June 16, 2003

We didn't know this was here until we arrived and I really wanted to check it out. The girls were glued to the Country Music on the TV and I prepared to go without them. They did relent and we were all pleased with what we found.

The Parthenon is the world's only full scale reproduction of the Grecian temple and was built for the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition of 1897 of temporary materials. However, the populace liked it so much, they couldn't tear it down and are replacing each part with more durable materials with huge bronze doors at each end weighing 15 tons apiece. It stands very majestically in lovely Centennial Park.

Inside is a statue of Athena which is over 30' tall and very impressive. There was an art exhibition which didn't do too much for us (too modern for my taste), but the gift shop was outstanding offering replicas of several ancient Grecian sculptures and a nice variety of art books. It would have been impossible to leave there emptyhanded.


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