A week in San Juan, Puerto Rico

A summer vacation my son will never forget as he played for a US Baseball team, travelling to Puerto Rico. The locals were very generous and hospitable to our team. the trip was good

A week in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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The Baseball visit to Roberto Clemente Sports Complex was a disappointment. The works of the great Roberto Clemente Sports Legacy lives on in this oversized Daycamp for the children of San Juan. This sports Complex could be anywhere USA.
The Beaches were beautifull and fun. The trip ( one day ) to Old San Juan was the highlight of the vacation. The Fort was an impressive reminder of the significance of this area in the colonizing of North America. A favorite cruise destination, and tour area. The weather was beautiful and pleasant each day. Only one day of rain (for a few hours in mid afternoon) in 7 days on the Island.${QuickSuggestions} Stay out of Old San Juan after Dark!${BestWay} Bus tours were the best way to get around the Island. The traffic is very bad, as everyone on the small island has a car. A 30 mile x 100 mile piece of land with everyone in their car at 5PM is a nightmare!

EMbassy Suites Hotel

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The Embassy Suites was a great destination, with in house Outback Restuarant, a lavish breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and dinner menu, a bar, and a Casino.
Embassy Suites Hotel
8000 Tartak Street
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(787) 791-0505


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