Vianden - Above it all

Vianden is a small town/village about 1 hr. from Luxembourg City. It is topped the Chateau de Vianden - a 9th century castle that is a great place to explore. The town is surrounded by rolling green hills and is very picturesque.

Vianden - Above it all

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by Re Carroll on September 16, 2000

Take the chair lift (up 400+ ft.)above the castle. The views of the river and the town spread out below the castle in a semi circle are breathtaking. The walk down to the castle isn't too bad but the trail through the forest can be a bit slippery so have good tread on your shoes. The castle reminds me of a fairy tale - it is surrounded by green forest and I was expecting to see knights & fair maidens - but I guess they were hiding somewhere. Walking back to town from the castle is easy. You could also walk up to the castle if you're not big on chair lifts but the walk up is a bit steep.

There is a museum dedicated to Victor Hugo (he lived here during his exile) but I didn't have a chance to visit it. ${QuickSuggestions} There are well maintained and signposted hiking trails around Vianden so plan to spend the whole day. If you'd like a longer visit, there is a hostel & other accommodation as well as lots of restaurants & cafes.

There are no taxis in town - when I enquired about renting one I was told they'd have to radio one in from another town & I'd be charged for the trip from the other location.${BestWay} Vianden is very small so walking is the best way to see it. To get to Vianden from Luxembourg City on public transportation, you need to take a train & then a bus. The easiest way to get there is by car.

Folklore & Doll & Toy Museum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Re Carroll on September 16, 2000

This is 2 museums, in adjoining former mansions, for the price of one. The Folklore Museum has a number of rooms displaying furniture from the 18th century (boy, what a tiny bed). Upstairs, the Doll & Toy museum would appeal to children of all ages. There are antique dolls, Barbie dolls, miniatures, teddy bears (including lots of Steiff for you enthusiasts)- over 500 dolls in all.
Admission is free with the Luxembourg tourist card, otherwise, it's just a few dollars and well worth the cost.

The Museum is on the road leading from the castle. Check out the Pastry shop across the road - the front display has a wagon done from loaves of bread and the interior has lots of goodies.
Folklore & Doll & Toy Museum
Grande-Rue 98
Vianden, Luxembourg

Chateau de Vianden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Re Carroll on September 16, 2000

The castle sits high above town and is the highlight of a visit to Vianden. It was originally built in the 9th century by the Count of Vianden and has been added to in later centuries. I think that later Counts must have had a real appreciation for beauty rather than war mongering because the castle is elegant and welcoming as opposed to a dark and dreary defense post. The rooms have lots of natural light and the windows provide good views of the surrounding forest and the town below. There are lots of rooms to explore so you'd want to allow at least an hour. There is still some repair/excavation work going on and the original section is pretty dark but the view from the top is worth the climb. Inside the castle is a painting depicting what the original castle looked like. You can walk to the castle from town but it's more fun to take the chair lift. The Chateau is open daily except for 1 Jan., 2 Nov. & 25 Dec. Cost is about $4.00 (U.S.) or free with the Luxembourg tourist card.
Vianden Castle/Chateau de Vianden
Luxembourg Ardennes
Vianden, Luxembourg
+352 83 41 08


Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Re Carroll on October 18, 2000

The chairlift travels 400+ feet from the river, through a lush green forest and up past the castle of Vianden. There are great views of the town along the way and a viewing platform at the top. A restaurant with outdoor seating provides drinks or a light meal. The prices are a bit more than in town but the view is worth it. Near the end of the ride up, there is a camera that automatically snaps a picture of you and you can purchase a copy if you want. Once you're ready to return to town, you can walk back along a wooded path or take a return ride on the chairlift. The cost of the lift is about $2.50 (U.S.) one way but is free with the Luxembourg card. Don't forget to take your camera because there are lots of great photo opps. during the 15 min. ride. The lift is open daily from Easter to the second Sunday in October.
Vianden, Luxembourg

Day trip to Clervaux

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A short bus or combo train/bus ride will take you to Clervaux from Vianden. As well as a 12th century castle, there is a large twin spired church and a Franciscan monastery on the hill above town. Although a bit steep, the walk to the monastery is enjoyable as you get great views over the town. There is a well stocked gift shop selling lots of regligious articles in the monastery. As well, it's possible to attend a concert to hear the chanting of the monks - supposedly they are well known throughout Europe. You would need to enquire in advance re: dates for this. I didn't find Clervaux castle as interesting as the one in Vianden because there were only a few areas open to the public. The Family of Man photo exhibit at the castle is a compilation of pictures of people taken in the 1950s from around the world and is worth a visit. There are also two museums housed at the castle-one dedicated to the military and another with models of ancient Luxembourg castles. Each of these three areas have separate entry fees although they are free with the Luxembourg tourist card that you can get at the Tourist Information Centre. Otherwise, the cost is only a few dollars. Clervaux isn't as compact as Vianden (the train & bus station is about a 10 min. walk from the centre of town) but was still worth a visit. There were a number of outdoor cafes and restaurants where you could stop for a drink or have a meal. From Luxembourg City, a direct train to Clervaux takes about 1 hour.

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