The beautiful Gaspesie peninsula

Our visit to the famous and truely beautiful Gaspesie peninsula of Quebec in Canada. Our journey took us from Quebec City to a little town called Perce where it has some of the most natural and breathtaking landmarks. It is the home of Perce Rock and Bonaventure Island.

The beautiful Gaspesie peninsula

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We had so many memorable moments during our trip. The drive from Matane to Gaspe then to Perce was wonderful, with its breathtaking scenery along the south side of the St. Lawrence River. The visit to Bonaventure Island Bird Sanctuary was sensational. And then there was an astonishing Perce Rock where we can walk to during low tide. ${QuickSuggestions} Gaspesie peninsula is situated on the south side of the St. Lawrence River. From the point of Sainte-Luce starts the Highway #132. This highway travels the entire peninsula along its coastline.

Our recommendation is to drive along the northern side of the peninsula where the road to Perce is truly beautiful with lots of breathtaking scenery. Don't forget to stop and visit one of many lighthouses and windmill along the highway. Prepare yourself for a long drive (about eight hours) from Sainte-Luce to Perce.

Weather is cool even during summer months. We were there in the second week of July and we needed a jacket or sweater after dawn.

There are lots of whale watching tours offered in the area. If you are planning to join the tour you should make sure to pack with extra warm clothing including cap and gloves. You definitely need them.

To get more information about Gaspesie check this out: Gaspesie . ${BestWay}

Three Sisters Inn

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Surprisingly there isn't a resort or hotel in this little town. There are only few motels and inns along the main road. We picked this inn because it offers a great view to the beach. It is fairly expensive considering it is a motel type room with two double beds. The room was clean, and what a decent motel/hotel room should be. What we liked the most was that there is a balcony in our unit which has a great view to the beach and Perce Rock.
Iberostar Dominicana
Playa Bávaro Higüey
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
1809 221 65 00

Garden House

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This little restaurant was originally a mansion converted into a restaurant. It is next to the Three Sisters Inn. We were there for breakfast and our table location was right at the back, so we had a good view to the beach while we were having our breakfast. It was a truly comfortable and relaxing way to start the day.

Hiking Trails in Bonaventure Island

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The hiking trails are in Bonaventure Island. The ferry runs frequently between the mainland (Perce) to the island from 9am to 5pm. The ferry trip itself was worth every penny as it first circled around the island coastline where you can see seals hunting for food, birds, and maybe even whales if you were lucky. Well, we didn't see any whales but there were lots of other great sightseeing.

Upon arrival to the island we took the shorter trail to start with. It was quite hilly in some areas, but not difficult at all. A comfortable pair of shoes is a must. There were lots of resting area with benches along the trail. At the end of the trail was where you can see those beautiful white birds. There must be thousands of them living of the cliff there. We had our picnic and then we hiked the longest trail to take the return ferry trip back to the mainland.

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