A Week in Maui

My husband and 5 friends spent a week in gorgeous Maui. There are so many things to do and see, a week was barely enough time to squeeze everything in. Maui is full of beautiful and unique sights, fun activities, and offers something for just about everyone.

A Week in Maui

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Watching the sunset at Haleakala filled us with awe at God's creation; it was an event that could be savored in silence to be stored up for later memories.${QuickSuggestions} We laughed ourselves silly at the Warren and Annabelle Magic show in Lahaina. Make sure to look for a coupon in one of the coupon books found at the airport/hotels and make reservations about 3 days ahead of time.${BestWay} As far as I know, a car is a must. The public transportation system is not what it is in Oahu. There are tour buses that can take you up to Haleakala and tour vans that go to Hana, but to get to the other little, but interesting towns, a car is best.

Transwest WorldMart

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Best Things Nearby:
Right across the street from the beach, one short block from Charley Young Beach, recommended for snorkeling. Also just one block from Da Kitchen - great for quick meals.

Best Things About the Resort:
Great location, clean, nicely decorated. Laundry/cleaning detergents for the kitchen area provided, towels replaced upon request - free of charge.

Resort Experience:
Our stay was very comfortable. This is a new facility, as it recently opened in September 2001. The kitchen was well stocked with pots, pans, and spices. There was an A/C control in each bedroom and for the living area. There were two televisions, a VCR, and CD player. The maintenance staff is on-call 24 hours/day, very unusual, but great if needed. If you need Internet access, there is a computer available in the lobby, free of charge. We would definitely come back, given the opportunity. (None of us took advantage of the pool or other activities available, so we can't give an accurate rating for those items.)

Transwest WorldMart
Alanui Ke Ali''i and South Kihei intersection
Maui, Hawaii

Da Kitchen

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This is a fast food Hawaiian restaurant with a second location in Kahului that serves even yummier foods, but is unfortunately closing because the owners are rumored to be simply tired of being too busy - business has been too good! That's typical of the totally different attitude in Hawaii. The Kihei restaurant serves yummy chicken katsu, fish & chips, and other local fare. I'd suggest you skip the chow mein; there are plenty of other things to choose from. As the food is good and the price was right, we enjoyed two meals here.
Da Kitchen
2439 South Kihei Road
Maui, Hawaii, 96753
(808) 875-7782

Haiimaile General Store

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This is a highly recommended restaurant in various guidebooks and boasts of raving restaurant reviews, but we were very disappointed in our experience. The restaurant is situated in the middle of nowhere in a charming general store. The seven of us were amazed at the high prices for dinner and the food was mediocre - I can't even remember what I ate. Dessert wasn't much more memorable. Maybe lunch is better...at least pricewise.

Reservations are a must due to the high volume of patrons, otherwise you will have driven all the way out there for nothing and there are no other restuarants around. If you no show, a $25 charge per person may be applied to your credit card.

Hali'imaile General Store
900 Hali'imaile Road
Maui, Hawaii, 96768

The Road to Hana

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The trip to Hana in a mini van was slow going, especially because a few of us were inclined to motion sickness - it's a very windy & narrow road. However,the sights were not to be missed! We took along our "Maui Revealed" book which gives hints about where the best waterfalls are located, including the difficulty of the hikes to reach the waterfalls and the best places to swim. Make sure to stop at some of the food stands along the way for scrumptious smoothies made with fresh sugar cane juice and toasted coconut. But, you need to bring along your own lunch because most stands offer only snacks and Hana itself does not offer many places to eat. The black sand beach, Waianapanapa State Beach in Hana, was a wonderful place to take photos and swim in the ocean, as were the 7 Sacred Falls. The 7 Sacred Falls are a series of waterfalls (but NOT 7) and pools where the fresh water meets the ocean. On your way back, if the timing is right, stop in Paia for dinner. There are several restaurants to grab a bite.
Road to Hana
Hana Highway
Maui, Hawaii


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From the last view point stop, we watched the sun as it descended from the glowing clouds above us and set upon the billowing clouds covering the valley below us.

We had decided to forego trying to catch the sunrise as it would be pretty much impossible to get 7 people on the road by 3am and decided to "settle" for watching the sunset. It was gorgeous! According to the locals, sunrise isn't necessarily better than the sunset so we were pretty happy with our decision to sleep in!

A spectrum of reds, oranges, and browns line the inside of the crater and it's a short hike to peer into it from the peaks. There are two stops to view the crater, both are worth checking out. There is also a longer hike into the crater, which is reported to be much longer to ascend since you must traverse back and forth several times. Many people take the cycling trip down the crater, although there are reports of frequent accidents - broken limbs, head injuries, etc.

***Be sure to bring at least a sweatshirt and/or a heavy jacket/windbreaker, because it is much colder up in this area, especially if it is windy.

Haleakal─ü National Park
Po Box 369
Makawao, Hawaii, 96768
(808) 572-4400


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Paia is a charming country town with lots of little shops to browse and explore. I was delighted with my purchase of an angel ornament made of a protea flower. I could have spent an hour at the marvelous bead shop on Hana Hwy. Be sure to stop in at the bakery on Baldwin near Hana Hwy. I've forgotten the name, but not the delicious taste of their pumpkin, chocolate chip muffin nor the coconut macaroons. You can stop along the way back from Hana or on the way up to Haleakala for an hour or so to enjoy this little town.
Aloha Bead Company
43 Hana Highway
Paia, Hawaii

Warren and Annabelle Magic Show

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The first part of the show is enjoying drinks and appetizers/desserts in a large dining room, listening to piano music as provided by Annabelle. Call out any song title and she will play it for you, no tipping necessary!

The magician, Warren,is incredibly funny and amazingly gifted. It's difficult to describe the show, but the four of us thought it unique, full of laughs, and well worth the price. Many think it is the best show on the island. Look in the tourist discount books for a coupon and mention it when you make reservations - a must.

Warren & Annabelle's Magic
900 Front Street
Maui, Hawaii, 96761
(808) 667-6244


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