Life is Sweeter by the Turquoise Sea.

Life is sweeter by the turquoise sea..., everything breathes tranquility....Without a doubt, when we think about vacation time, we remember platinum crystaline beaches, soft breezes, the bright sun and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Life is Sweeter by the Turquoise Sea.

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Cancun...Quintana Roo....Let me paint you a picture. Visions of mystical, thick, green, lush jungles, where an ancient civilization spoke to their gods. These ancient ones sought to comprehend mankind's significance in the stars. Here in the dense green foliage of jungles they built colossal temples that awaken the awe and amazement of we, the modern tourists, that come for a glimpse of the great Mayan culture. Cancun offers both, old world and new world, side by side, for we the seekers of R&R. It gives us incredible flora, beautiful pristine beaches that are kissed by the phenomenal turquoise color sea. A land of mysticism, romance, gourment food, exotic drinks, luxurious comfort and first class attention. This is Cancun....My husband and I have spent two vacatins in this tropical paradise. In it's beauty we found natural harmony, rhythm, peace and tranquility. Exactly what R&R is about.${QuickSuggestions} ${BestWay}

El Mexicano

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by txredhead on September 8, 2002

El Mexicano embraces you with the hospitality of a Mexican hacinda. Bright, colorful atmosphere. Its traditional and contemporary, authentic Mexican cuisine will delight you. We enjoyed the all-you-can eat lunch buffet, sampling many of their specialities. In the evenings they have a folkloric ballet dinner show. That is our plan for the next visit.
El Mexicano
Paseo KuKulcan Km 8.5
Cancun, Mexico

Captain's Cove

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by txredhead on September 8, 2002

Captain's Cove is a Caribbean waterfront dining experience with a relaxed atmosphere. I must tell one of the reasons we went (besides the fact that the Cove has been voted Best Restaurant for 2 years.) We moor our schooner sailing vessel at "Captain's Cove" Marina at Lake Ray Hubbard just out of Dallas TX. Now back to critiquing the restaurant.

You can enjoy a varied smorgasbord of flavor with its large variety of dishes from the exotic to traditional. Without a doubt, your palate will be pleased with its shrimp 'n coconut, lobster, and unbelievable Caribbean specialities like swordfish, shrimp trio and a Tikin-Xic (usually grouper grilled marinated in achiote spice). The flavor, seasoning, and portions will satify your appetite.

Captain's Cove
Paseo KuKulcan Km 17
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 885-0016

El Shrimp Bucket

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by txredhead on September 13, 2002

An open air paloppa restaurant on the bay. They claim to have the freshest seafood on the island. Of course, my favorite was shrimp any way you could want it prepared. Along side they have charter fishing boats and they say they will cook what you catch if you want them to. On menu also: crab claws, lobster, catch of the day and oysters. Absolutely marvelous margaritas. Very causal and laid back. Great wait staff. Extra friendly and attentive. Your waiter will make you feel you are his only patron. Normally I don't just happen to take my camera to dinner, but our stop here was after a day of local sight seeing. So I have pics.
Shrimp Bucket
Blvd KuKulcan Km 5.5
Cancun, Mexico
+52 998-883-2710

Chichen Itza

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Deep within the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula rise the mysterious temples and pyramids of the Maya. Their civilization was one of the most advanced cultures for that time. These amazing ancients mapped the heavens and invented the "Haab" 365 day calendar simular to ours today. They were accomplished astronomers and mathematicians.

Chichen Itza is one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the world. It is believed to have been built around 514 A.D. Without question, the most incredible structure at Chichen Itza is the famed Pyramid of KuKulcan, meaning "plumed serpent god". It stands in the middle of a vast esplanade encircled by serveral other important buildings. The structure's base is 180 ft by side and 70 ft in height. In the center of each side of the pyramid is huge stairways of 91 steps, x's the four sides equals 364 and the final step to the temple at the top makes 365, the number of days in a solar year. On the north side of the pyramid, at the foot of the main stairway, resting on the ground are two colossal serpents heads, 10 ft in length with mouths open and tongues protruding. Thousands upon thousands of new agers gather here in celebration of the Spring Equinox and The Autumn Solstice.This celestial phenomenon is when the sun and shadows projected over the architectonic elements of the pyramid resemble a serpent descending to the ground. Chichen Itza is a destination that will mystify you.

Ruins of Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza, Mexico


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Tulum, "the City of Dawn", built in honor of the Sun. The Mayas believed the heat of the sun gave them strength. Tulum is considered the most beautiful of the Mayan sites. It is small but exquisitely poised on 50 foot high cliffs above the Caribbean. The city, a ceremonial and religious center, housed only important people like priests, noblemen and government officials.

The old city was built high above huge cliffs that face the sea. The other three sides of the city are walled by sixteen ft high walls with only three narrow entrances.

There are less than sixty partial buildings remaining. This is about one tenth of its size as when a thriving city. The ruins are not as well preserved as other archaeological sites, but none the less they are very impressive.

The most dominant structure, the Castle rising on its rocky prominence, just 50 ft above the foamy waters of the Caribbean.

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