Lobster Lovers' Land

My husband planned a romantic trip to Ogunquit, Maine to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. He would probably admit to a secondary motive - lobster eating!

Lobster Lovers' Land

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They should probably re-think Maine's nickname: The Pine Tree State. A more appropriate title, for "Mainiacs" as well as tourists, would be "Lobster Land". Only in Maine is it offered whole, tails, boiled, broiled, poached; served as stew, soup, chowder, rolls, fritters, salad, omelettes, and even as LOBSTER RAVIOLI.

MUST SEES: Ogunquit Beach - an easy walk from the village to this clean beach with some nice eateries along the way.
Perkins Cove - this active fishing/lobster harbor is a photographer's dream. It offers a unique draw footbridge too.
Ogunquit Lobster Pound -you're invited to pick-your-own Maine lobster and their friendly staff does the rest!
The Seacastles Resort - it's centrally located on Shore Road and directly across from entranceway to The Marginal Way.
I saved my favorite site for last - Ogunquit Memorial Library - one the the most beautiful fieldstone structures with surrounding gardens, and probably one of the last "quiet" libraries in the US.${QuickSuggestions} Make reservations(especially during summer season) at a hotel, motel, or B&B in the village of Oqunquit. This will allow you the best opportunity to see the most of this beautiful village. Park your car at the hotel and walk to the many boutiques, antique shops (many to choose from), eateries, beaches, The Marginal Way, Perkins Cove (and its delightful shops and restaurants), and Ogunquit Round Table(for booklovers only). ${BestWay} There are several options for getting around. Our #1 choice is always to walk so you can talk to the residents, tourists, and shop owners without worrying if you need to put more money in a meter (Perkins Cove). Biking is another excellent option. Rental shops are available, or feel free to bring your own. Just for fun and $1/trip or $3/day pass, ride one of the colorful trolley-buses which have names like Molly and Jolly.


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Seacastles Resortwas not listed in any of the travel guide books for Maine. We saw an ad in the USA Today newspaper for the 3 Norseman Resorts located in Ogunquit. Seacastles-In the Village; Ogunquit River Plantation-On the Ogunquit River; Norseman Motor Inn-On Ogunquit Beach.

We reserved a Deluxe Unit on the lst floor in the 2 story condo-like building separate from the main building. We were pleasantly surprised to see how spacious it was. These units include a kitchenette(including stove, refrigerator, utensils, and dinnerware). We had a dining table with seating for 4, living room with sleeper sofa and TV, clean bathroom with tub/shower and lots of towels and toiletries. The bedroom had a queen bed, 3 lamps, TV, and a door to close it off from the rest of the unit.It was very comfortable for a 3 nite stay.

Reservations recommended - especially during high season(June 28-Sept. 1).
One parking space per rental unit.
Enclosed pool with retractable roof is small.
No pets allowed.
No hairdryers in room. However, they do have some for guests to borrow in rental office.
This location is perfect for walking to Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Beach, shops, restaurants, etc.
Check-In @ 3PM(firm) and Check-Out @ 11AM.

Seacastles Resort
104 Shore Road
Ogunquit, Maine, 03907
(207) 646-6055


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The short drive from our hotel,(Seacastles Resort), to the Clay Hill Restaurant only added to our enjoyment of the whole dining experience.

DIRECTIONS:Travel Rt l South out of Ogunquit and turn right onto Logging Road(we actually did see a man cutting up between 20-30 huge logs on the side of the road). Go 1.8 miles on this scenic but curvy, country road and turn right onto Clay Hill Road. The restaurant is on your immediate left.

From the valet who greeted us and parked our car, to the hostess who warmly welcomed us at the front door and seated us, to the waitresses, waiters, water servers, etc., a sense of comfort and hospitality enveloped us.

Their menu is varied and contains some interesting combinations of appetizers and salads as well as entrees. The Salad Maison was pleasing to the eye as well as delicious. The combination of baby spinach leaves, cranberries, and pistachios was delightful. The entrees covered the gamut from beef to chicken to seafood(lots of seafood choices). Portions were adequate for a normal appetite. However, my husband's order of the poached salmon entree could have included more lobster.

Staff works as a team so every member is there to see to your wants and needs.
Clay Hill Farm is a bird sanctuary and wildlife preserve.
Their small but crusty dinner rolls are a must-try. They are served on an individual basis and always warm - a nice change from a basket of cold bread or rolls.

SUGGESTIONS:When you make your reservation ask for a table by windows overlooking birdhouses frequented by fluttering, yellow, wild canaries.
Make the drive in daylight and take your camera. Allow extra time to take pictures of the gardens, terrace, and gazebo.(see pictures below)

Clay Hill Farm Restaurant
220 Clay Hill Road
York, Maine, 03909
(207) 361-2272


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FEATURES: 36 Types of omelettes.
Other menu choices include eggs (any style), waffles, french toast, and breakfast sandwiches.
Fast, friendly service.

HOURS: 7AM-lPM, 7 Days/Wk(In Season)

It's not a big eatery. We were fortunate there was no line the morning we went there (around 9:30). It's set back from the road (Rt l) but the sign was fairly big.

You step down a set of stairs and enter the interior dining room, which has several small tables and counter space - all filled to capacity. We followed the hostess into an even smaller room - an enclosed porch really. They make the most of the space with all white furniture and walls, and touch it off with blue curtains. Our waitress was pleasant and exhibited a good sense of humor with a "Maine twist" as she hurried from table to kitchen.

Portions are quite generous (too much Mushroom Omelette for me but the Chicken Fajita Omelette was just right for my husband).


#12 Smooth Sable - Banana,ham,honey,cream cheese
#18 Chinese Shrimp Omelette - Shrimp,ham,onions,soy sauce
For Heartier Eaters - 2 Scrambled eggs, CROCK OF HOMEMADE BAKED BEANS, homefries, toast (for a whopping $5.50!)
NOTE: They only accept CASH & PERSONAL CHECKS.

Omelette Factory
422 Main Street
Ogunquit, Maine, 03907
(207) 646-4110


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The owners, Kathy Finnegan and Tim Harrison, advertise this business establishment as "The World's Largest Lighthouse Gift and Collectibles Store".

You can't miss it as you drive on Rt l North out of Ogunquit. The sign for Lighthouse Depotin front of the store is large and colorful. The assorted sizes and types of lawn lighthouses displayed in front of the store building would be hard to miss!

This mecca for lighthouse lovers actually consists of two buildings. The main building houses the store itself, which has two floors filled with everything from lighthouse trash cans, to Christmas ornaments, to a line of clothing, as well as books, tapes, etc. The museum and gallery are right next door and there is no admission fee. The historical info and parts of old lighthouses are well detailed and displayed in the museum. You'll find some unique framed watercolor paintings as well as fine prints, depicting views from and of lighthouses throughout the US.

Phone Number: (07)646-0608
Email Address: www.lighthousedepot.com
Lighthouse Digestis the only monthly lighthouse publication and is co-edited by Kathy and Tim. Subscriptions: $28/yr and it has its own website: www.lhdigest.com.
Store Hours of Operation: July-Columbus Day - 9AM-7PM, Sundays 10AM-5PM. Nov,Dec,June - 9AM-6PM, Sundays 10AM-5PM. New Years-Memorial Day - 10AM-5PM.

NOTE: Don't forget to ask for a complimentary listing of directions to nearby lighthouses when you visit the Lighthouse Depot. Even if you're not an avid lighthouse follower/collector, a visit may peak your interest to read more about them and how different each one is.

US Route 1 North
Ogunquit, Maine, 04090
1 (800) 758-1444


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Most items handmade by Maine inmates
Outlet for "Prison Blues" clothing line
Colored tags identify origin as handmade by:Maine inmates, Oregon inmates, Local artisans, or consigned

The excellent workmanship on these varied wooden items is very evident. Surprisingly, they are quite reasonable in price. Handcrafted items include all types of furniture and lamps(we purchased a cranberry colored candlestick lamp). The detail that goes into the wooden toys is remarkable. Choose from excavators, steam shovels, train engines, cars, etc. Any child(or adult) would be proud to own and play with any of them. They also sell nautical items, i.e., ships(see picture below), pictures, and porthole mirrors.

Credit cards ACCEPTED
Phone Nos: 888-966-3724(toll free) or (207)363-6001
Open daily year round - 10AM-5PM
Goods made by Maine inmates can NOTbe shipped out of state.

Woods To Goods
891 US Route 1
Ogunquit, Maine, 03909
(207) 363-6001


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This historic fieldstone structure was designed in the Romanesque Revival tradition by Charles M. Burns. You'll note in the pictures below the mix of natural stone and recessed, arched windows creates an impressive and memorable structure. It was actually built in 1897 and opened to the public in 1898. Summer visitors, George and Nannie Conarroe of Philadelphia, made this library a gift to the Town of Oqunquit.


Placed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Oil portraits, paintings, and drawings grace its aged walls.

Heavy wooden doors mark the entranceway on Shore Road.

A grandfather clock, fashioned from a black walnut piano with inlaid Masonic emblems created from piano keys.

2 foot miniature replica of library includes tiny stones and a copper roof.

Stone fireplace makes a backdrop for librarian's large, wooden desk as you enter the lst of 2 rooms.

Borders of purple rhododendron bushes and variegated hostas outline the building with endless ivy clinging to fieldstone.


Library Hours: 9AM-Noon & 2-5PM June 1 to Sept. 30th(Closed Sundays) Oct. 1 to May 31 Closed Sun., Mon., & Holidays)

Phone Nos: (207)646-9024

Location: 166 Shore Road is a main street thru Ogunquit. Very limited parking available on street - no library parking lot. Short walk or bike ride from downtown Ogunquit.

Library Fees: Free loan of books, tapes, etc., for residents of Oqunquit, Wells, York, and Cape Neddick. Visitors are required to leave a deposit of $25(refunded after return of all borrowed items).

IMPRESSIONS: I was fortunate to be in the 2nd room when the clock announced 3 o'clock in a clear, melodic tone. This library beckons its visitors to enjoy being surrounded by dark, rich, wooden book shelves, art, arched windows, and stacks of art and local history books waiting to be explored. Patrons respond in kind by conducting themselves as worthy guests in hushed, quiet respect for one another.

Ogunquit Memorial Library
166 Shore Road
Ogunquit, Maine, 03907-0753
(207) 646-9024


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