Branson Theater Experiences

Music shows we have visited in Branson, Missouri...

Branson Theater Experiences

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by hornman333 on June 28, 2002

Best musical shows(I have seen):At the Hop, Country Tonight, the Showboat & the Osmond Brothers... Honorable mention goes to: The Legends, Shoji, Lost in the 50's, Dixie Stampede. Shows I will not go back to see are: Mel Tillis & the Lawrence Welk Show (most of you will probably like this show). So, So Shows: Baldknockers and the Presleys. Shows I would like to see: Yackoff, Mo Bandy, Andy Williams, Box Car Willy's show, and others. ${QuickSuggestions} Eat at Kentucy Fried Chicken - they have a senior buffet that can't be beat at a great price. If you want to eat at a fancy place - go to The Top of the Rock on Highway 65 South of Branson (ask someone how to get there) - pretty expensive, but well worth it!${BestWay} Do not under any circumstances try to drive straight down the strip - unless you have at least an hour to kill. Get a map and learn how to use the back roads to get to the theater you want to go to. The Shepherd of the Hills Expressway will get you where ever you want to go.

Top of the Rock

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by hornman333 on June 28, 2002

Wonderful, beautiful surroundings, fabulous food! The night we ate there the people sitting at the table next to us was Larry Welk, his wife and a lot of people from the Lawrence Welk show. That really impressed my wife...
Top of the Rock Restaurant
Highway 86
Branson, Missouri, 65739
(417) 335-2777

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