The Full Denver Experience

Denver - What You should see when visiting.

The Full Denver Experience

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by JodiJill on August 11, 2000

Denver is a big city, spread out to cover enough acres but don't think everything is packed together like the East Coast. A drive around the city will provide the buildings of man with the Rocky Mountains of beauty. The 16th Street mall is the best place to start your journey. Here you are able to have lunch with the locals and enjoy the new part of the area. Ocean Journey Aquarium, the Denver Children's Museum, the Denver Zoo and the trolley ride are all within distance of the downtown area. The Rockies field is downtown too, so if you want to go for a game the rock pile seats are only $4.${QuickSuggestions} Trips to the mountains are only an hour away. You can go up to Central City to enjoy mountain gambling, go skiing in Keystone or sit by the streams on a hot summer day. Denver is a great place to visit, but when it snows you need to take extra time on getting around, especially in the mountain areas.

Do not forget to stop at the Coors brewing company to see how they make Coors products.${BestWay} Denver is best visited with a car. Public transportation is available to Boulder and outskirt areas. Public transportation is also available from the airport. However it is important to remember a taxi ride from Denver International Airport to downtown is in the range of $40.

Bikes can be rented and used at the many bike paths in the area too. Since the Denver area is outdoor friendly, you will find many forms of transportation available.

Denver Buffalo Comapny

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by JodiJill on August 12, 2000

The Denver Buffalo Company is one of those traditional western places. They have a whole deli highlighting products using buffalo as well as a dining area where you can have a sit down meal. If you have never tasted buffalo meat, this is where you need to try it.

The buffalo meat here is great. Traditionally lean, you can eat 1/2 of what you would beef and it tastes great. I encourage you to try the deli first to make sure you like the taste.

Outside of the building is a perfect picture spot. Here you will find a full life size buffalo. Pretty neat.
Denver Buffalo Company
Downtown Denver
Denver, Colorado

Wynkoop Brewing Company

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by JodiJill on August 12, 2000

This is a great brewery in downtown Denver across the street from Union Station. They serve great burgers (I had the 'Norm' burger and it was excellent) and they have great brews. Colorado is without doubt a mecca of brewing, and this is one of the best places in the state. I had the Railyard Ale and it was outstanding! The sidewalk/docking area has been turned into a patio, and, on a great day, it can be the perfect place to soak up the Rockies.
Wynkoop Brewing Company
1634 18th St
Denver, Colorado, 80202
(303) 297-2700

Ocean Journey

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by JodiJill on August 11, 2000

This aquarium is a journey of water to the ocean and following the rivers. While it calls itself an aquarium, there is a pair of tigers on sight too. The tanks are delightful to look at, but some of the exhibits have small fish in them. The otter and the shark tanks are amazing. You are actually able to look down upon the tank and see the sharks swimming underneath. There is a lot of concervation discussion at the aquarium too so the kids will get the chance to see why it is so important to help our earth.
Colorado's Ocean Journey
700 Water St
Denver, Colorado, 80211
+1 303 561 4450; +1

Take in a Rockies Game

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Coors Field is approximately eight blocks from downtown Denver (it is very safe to walk) and if you come during the season, plan to stay for a game.

The locals like the cheap seats ($4 at the rock pile) and you can even catch a ball from there.

If the game isn't much of your choice, there is another reason to go - the view. It is absolutely stunning to see the mountains from the stands. Most of the seats and all of the walkways are accessable to the majestic views of the Rockies. The higher the seats, the better the view.

The stands have a row of purple seats, five rows from the top of the stadium. It signifies the mile high Denver is so famously know for.

The other neat thing about the stadium is, of course, the Rockies. One of the newer teams in baseball, you tend to get caught up in the interests of the game.

U.S. Mint - See a Coin Made

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by JodiJill on August 11, 2000

The coins in your pocket can be found being made at the U.S. Mint in downtown Denver. Actually, not all the coins. The Denver Mint coins nickels, pennies, and quarters. They also do a few other country coins.

A tour of the mint is way cool for the family or individual to experience. It runs every twenty or so minutes, and during the summer it is very busy.

The tour runs on the second floor of the mint so you can look down and see the machines and workers. Some machines punch the slugs, making them coins. You see the machines that count the coins and put them in flour sacks. There are also some interesting facts displayed in the hallways to read.

The only downfall of the tour is the security check before you get in. Be prepared to show your belongings if you plan to go inside. They also seem to rush the tour in the summer, so be prepared to move quickly.

After the tour, you are told some pretty awesome facts about the mint. It is amazing to know that this is the only mint that has never been robbed. It is also interesting to learn that 1/4 of all the U.S. gold is in the mint's basement.

The gift shop shouldn't be overlooked either. It has some interesting things to purchase to help you remember your visit.

Coors Brewery

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If you have heard of Coors, you probably have heard of the town of Golden. Just a skip from downtown Denver (about 15 minutes to the brewery), it is worth the journey to see. Coors has a big tour that runs every day. Golden is right next to the foothills and is basically just a suburb.

Anyway the tour runs 45 minutes and gives the brewing experience from beginning to end. You are able to smell the hops (kind of weird but interesting) and see the malt being roasted.

The start of the tour is like a small gallery of advertisements and history. You get a genuine beer bottle label and when your label is called, you are on your way to seeing the brewing process.

The tour is over a mile long and has stairs - just so you know. The children will like this tour as well - it gives a lot of insight on responsible drinking. The canning process is a kid thriller.

The end of the tour is the sampling session. There are alternate beverages for those not interested in beer at the moment and a gift shop if you are Coors crazy.

Capital Tour

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The Colorado Capital has a tour that runs every business day. It is an interesting tour that is free and talks a little bit about Colorado history.

As a resident of Colorado, I accompanied some guests to see the place. I came back pretty amazed as there was plenty of information to hold my interest.

The dome is probably the best part. I enjoyed being able to look out to the Rockies and see the mountain tops as well as the area as far as the eye can see.

This is a heavy duty walking tour, so do be careful if you have trouble walking or if the kids tire easily. There were two sets of stairs (one next to the murals on the walls), and they can kill you with the wrong shoes.

Make sure (even if you don't check out the tour) to look around at the Capitol. On the steps out front you can see the interesting cap indicating the mile high issue above sea level. A must-see for the first time Denver visitor, but recommended for the resident as well.

Using Denver International Airport

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by JodiJill on August 12, 2000

Coming to Colorado is a great experience and I don't think one of us residents would discourage you, but you need to know a little bit about the airport. I travel in and out of it every other week, and, at times, it can be a real pain.

If you plan to use the bus system, do remember it is in the third lane and runs every half an hour. Don't expect the bus to stop unless you are almost in front of it. Several times I have run after it since it wouldn't stop for me. The buses don't run at night so don't come in too late. Buses also run to downtown Boulder, Broomfield, Littleton and suburbs to get you where you need to go.

The taxi ride to downtown is expensive, around $40. The airport is quite a ways from the downtown area; however, it doesn't look like that from the sky. Try, if possible, to split the fare.

If you must take a rental car, see if you can do it from downtown. I know it sounds like a pain, but you may save yourself $10-15 a day in taxes and such. The airport needs to be funded, and this is one area heavily taxed.

There are three concourses at the airport and a train to connect them to the main area. As I said before, I travel plenty through the airport and have been repeatedly stuck on the train. Watch your time at this airport - give yourself at least two hours extra. Hopefully, soon they will work out the bugs on the train problem :)

The food and concessions are just like any place else - expensive. Do consider the chain places for the run of the mill food but regular prices.

The absolute best part about DIA is the view. You can see the Rocky Mountains by looking to the west. They are big, beautiful, and, if you look hard enough, waving to you as you come for a visit.

16th Street Mall

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Downtown Denver has a really neat mall set up for people to walk along and enjoy the moment. The 16th Street Mall is a place you can sit out on the patio and watch the sunset while sipping a brew or shop at Larimer Square for exotic items.

There are no cars allowed on the mall, only a free shuttle that runs all day and into the night. In the evenings you can also find the horse carriages strolling along the street picking up romantic couples.

Some of the more upscale places to eat include Wolfgang Pucks and The Cheese Cake Factory. If you go over a block you can go to the oldest hotel in Colorado: The Brown Palace. The Brown Palace has an elegant dining room in which even presidents have dined!

In Larimer Square you will find the little specialty stores. I personally like the Market which is a deli/gift store. The best part is the food as it covers many cultures and there are plenty of the best desserts.

The end of the 16th Street Mall is Union Station - a still active rail station. I say this carefully as it is nothing like the east coast stations, and has trains leaving only twice daily. The high ceilings and the dim lighting is a scene out of a book.

If you love books, just before the train station is the Tattered Cover. This is their second store, but it is four floors full of written treasures. Tattered is the biggest independent bookstore in Colorado and they have some great deals in their bargain section (perfect for the ride home, right?)

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