Rockport Journals

Mainly Maine

An August 2001 trip to Rockport by Janem

Quote: This area is on the rocky coast of Maine. It is a fairly quiet location, and one that you can feel safe in.

Mainly Maine


Go for long walks. Go golfing Swimming Sightseeing Shopping And kayaking on the Ocean.

Quick Tips:

For Kayaking, it is recommended that you take instructions for the first time out and that you have a guide. Maine Sport is a large shop that will provide this expertise to you.

Best Way To Get Around:

Either walking or using your own vehicle.
Best Things Nearby:Golf Course surrounds the resort. Breakwater - Man made in the late 1800s. Very good area to walk out into the ocean and gain a view of the Rockland harbour. The Breakwater is 7/8 th of a mile long and has a lighthouse at the end. LLBean is only a two hour drive away. Camden offers quaint stores for shopping.Best Things About the Resort:This is a very friendly resort. The service is excellent, and one never knows who they are going to see at the resort. (i.e. some well know movie personalities) The resort has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and of course the Golf course, which is well known (Pebble Beach of the East)....Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 1, 2002

Samoset Resort
220 Warrenton Street
Rockport, Maine 04856
(207) 594-2511