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PATAGONIA, At th Bottom of the World

A January 2001 trip to Patagonia by dickbook

Quote: This the first chapter of my recently published book. It is an account of a trip to Patagonia. The rest of the book is carefully researched material on various aspects of the region.

PATAGONIA, At th Bottom of the World


Standing on an island surrounded by 200,000 penguins.

Being within a few hundred feet of a gigantic glacier and listening to the sounds of the creaking--groaning --crashing coming from the glacier.

Seeing one glacier after another as our ship sailed up the Avenue of the Glaciers in the Beagle 'channel

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As we got off the plane at Punta Arenas a strong gust of wind blew a broad-brimmed hat off a tour group member’s head. I retrieved the hat and wondered if this violent wind is typical of the area. I later learned that indeed it is! The area around the airport is flat and fairly desolate. The modern bus that took us to the ship stopped first at a restaurant for lunch and then routed us to the Museum Saliesano. The museum is dark with a dusty odor. The stuffed animals are lumpy but the museum is interesting. Its exhibits show many of the artifacts of the now-extinct Indians as well as early-day life in Patagonia. It displays some models showing the industrial processes of modern-day technology now...Read More