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The natural beauty of Crater lake

A travel journal to Crater Lake National Park by heidiangel

Quote: Crater Lake is a must see when visiting the southern portion of Oregon. The crystal clear blue water and beautiful surrondings make this well worth the trip.

The natural beauty of Crater lake


Crater Lake is a destination for all seasons. In the winter enjoy the hundreds of acres of incredible unspoiled nature on snowshoes or cross country skis. There are lots of hills for sledding. In the summer enjoy hiking or taking a boat trip to wizard island.

Quick Tips:

As there aren't many places to spend the night its best to stay at the Crater Lake Lodge, which allows you the opportunity to watch and experience one of the most amazing sunrises.

Best Way To Get Around:

A car is a must to arrive at Crater Lake. But while there throw on a pair of cross country skis, snow shoes or jump on a mountain bike to truly enjoy the experience,

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