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Lightning Storms on Pokhara Lake

A March 1997 trip to Pokhara by yogajon

pokhara lake Photo, Pokhara, Nepal More Photos
Quote: A few days in Pokhara almost turn into a disaster...

Lightning Storms on Pokhara Lake


Boating on Pokhara Lake, but watch out for the lighting storms...read on.

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pokhara lake Photo, Pokhara, Nepal
Thursday 10th April 'Row, row, row your boat (in an electrical storm)' The weather was overcast but we were determined to hire a rowboat and have lunch on the magnificent Pokhara Lake. Stocking up on supplies we hired a small rowboat and slowly rowed across the lake, more concerned with sunburn than possible rain. Rowing was hard work since the boat lacked any hooks to secure the oars. It would be truer to say that we paddled the boat across the lake. Upon reaching the opposite side, one suitable stopping point was quickly replaced by a seemingly better one some distance further away. Onwards we rowed, until finally securing the boat at a nice spot, shaded by overhanging trees....Read More