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the new Detroit airport

A March 2002 trip to Detroit by trailbos

Quote: Northwest Airlines is highlighting the new Detroit airport, including the mile-long "A" terminal. It is nice - roomy, open, bright and efficient, but there are some problems.

the new Detroit airport


Once you get into the "A" terminal, there are options to help you get to your gate. You can take the series of moving walkways, or if you're going half-way or more down the terminal, you can take the overhead express tram. Making a tight connection is much easier than the old airport. For those of us on the smaller commuter flights, they've done away with the buses that use to transport passengers to and from the aircraft; now there are jetways, or a very short walk from the gate door to the aircraft.Quick Tips: If you need to find the bathroom (and who doesn't between planes?), you need to know that they are located near the gates. There are plenty of them along the terminal. But, if yo...Read More