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A June 1999 trip to Kuta by Idis

Quote: Kuta - shoppers paradise with alle the pleasures AND anoiances such a place gotta have. Lots of fake designer - bags, clothes etc.



Go to Kuta Square, and bring your credit card. If your in to surfing go to Kuta beach and surf on the large curly waves - it's an amazing sight - but i've never tryed it myself.

Quick Tips:

Watch out for thiefs and cheaters they are all over the place.

Best Way To Get Around:

If you live in Sanur the best way is to go to Kuta is by Cap. Use the Metret taxis and if you go by bemo ask for the price first.

Kuta Beach


If you're into big waves, surfing, and beach-life, go to Kuta Beach. The beach is big, wide, and WHITE--the waves invite the surfers in, crashing onto the beach. Even if you don't surf yourself, it's enjoyable just to watch. On the beach you can have massage in the shade of the palms at a very reasonable price, and there are salesmen trying to sell you stuff ALL the time, so if you're into quiet beach-type relaxation, Kuta Beach probably isn't the right place for you.
At the moment, most countries recommend travellers to stay out of Indonesia and therefore Kuta (Bali), because of the bombing on October 12.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on November 5, 2002

Kuta Beach
From Kuta Square
Kuta, Indonesia