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Tongariro Crossing

A March 2002 trip to Tongariro National Park by Manda

The emerald lakes Photo, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand More Photos
Quote: The Tongariro Crossing is probably the most famous one day hike in New Zealand - hundreds of people a day complete it, though it is fairly demanding!

Tongariro Crossing

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The emerald lakes Photo, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
Getting to the top of the climb (wondering if it would ever end!!) and the amazing views! You can see the whole national park, as well as Lake Taupo in the distance. And the Tongariro mountain itself is stunning, with the spectacular Red Crater, and the lovely emerald and blue lakes.Quick Tips: It is suggested that this walk can be done in trainers - and I saw people do it - but I would recommend full hiking gear. It's worth taking the extra weight up the 1200m ascent, as the weather is changeable and the ground underfoot rocky and challenging at times. Bring plenty of water, camera film and warm clothing - the craters and the ridge were both very cold, even on the warm sunny day w...Read More
Pukenui Lodge Photo, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
The Lodge is more geared to skiing than hiking, but is a lovely place to stay. It's clean and spacious, with friendly people and fantastic views of the National Park. There is also parking, free tea and coffee, free spa and free internet access! Dorm rooms start at $16NZ and there is also space for camping.

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Pukenui Lodge
National Park Village
Tongariro Mountain, New Zealand

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