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Palm Springs Sojourn

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A February 2002 trip to Palm Springs by Karin Leperi

The Lodge at Rancho Mirage Photo, Palm Springs, California More Photos
Quote: A convention brought us to this Palm Springs retreat - The Lodge at Rancho Mirage - previously known as the Ritz-Carlton at Rancho Mirage. However, read-on to find out why a different abode - the B&B Lake La Quinta Inn - was the real high-light of our stay.

Palm Springs Sojourn

Best Of IgoUgo


The Lodge at Rancho Mirage Photo, Palm Springs, California
Palm Springs not only appeals to those who enjoy putting on the greens or luxuriating by azure-tinted pools -- it also appeals to those who are restless of foot, those who enjoy fine food, and those who enjoy nature and embrace the great outdoors. From hiking Indian canyons brought to life by gurgling brooks and streams, shaded by California fan palms, to framing photo-ops in Joshua Tree National Park, this truly is an intriguing and complex land that will imprint its "mirage" on the very depths of the traveler's soul. Lake La Quinta Inn provides a tranquil retreat for the soul's nightly rest and replenishment, as well as kindling for romancing your soulmate.Quick Tips: 1. Hiking and photo...Read More