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Temecula Wine-Tasting Sampler

Best of IgoUgo

A February 2002 trip to Temecula by Karin Leperi

Wilson Creek Winery Photo, Temecula, California More Photos
Quote: A 2-day tour of Temecula wine country, vinyards, and sampling of fine-dining.

Temecula Wine-Tasting Sampler

Best Of IgoUgo


Wilson Creek Winery Photo, Temecula, California
A tour of the Temecula wine country is a delight to the taste buds and a feast for the palette. Fine wine, gourmet food, and a climate and countryside reminiscent of Tuscany, are the trademarks of Temecula. A total of 15 different wineries offer samples of the vine - be sure and top-off your wine tastings by dining on the terrace at Callaway or the new restaurant at Baily. Be wary of the restaurant at Thornton, it is both overpriced and overrated. The same holds true for the winery - a bastion of snobbery and arrogance. Both times I attempted to partake in a tasting, I was totally ignored by the hostess for over 5 minutes. I didn't wait any longer. The award for "friendliest" winer...Read More