Hel Journals

Heavenly Hel

An August 2001 trip to Hel by beatka

Quote: Okay, maybe not exactly heavanly, but one interesting and not often visited spot in a great country; Poland. Hel is at the tip of a sandy peninsula on the Baltic and accessable for a day trip by ferry from the tri-cities. A great place to chill.

Heavenly Hel


There's a lovely beach to the north of the town with a scenic lighthouse nestled in the dunes. Don't walk too far to the right since there's still a functioning military outpost on the peninsula. Too cold to swim when we were there, but the sunsets are impressive. Also, a place of historical interest. Hel was the last place in Poland to surrender to the Germans at the start of WWII. It is also home to a number of traditional wooden shipping houses and along the main street a number of pubs and restaurants serving up traditional Polish fare. Try the local Helvius beer - recommended. There's a fishing museum near to the ferry port as well as a seal sanctuary. Only 30p to get in to see the seals a...Read More