Quebec City Journals

A visit to Quebec City

A July 2000 trip to Quebec City by Andrew

Quote: Quebec City does not get the respect it deserves as one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Canada.

A visit to Quebec City


Quebec City's deservedly most famous attraction is the Old City. How old? I don't know. Old enough that the narrow streets twist, turn, rise and fall seemingly at random -- a mess if you're driving (so don't), but great fun to explore. Stone walls remain, with cannons still pointing out to the river. It is a touristy area, but well worth seeing.Quick Tips: Unlike bilingual Montreal, the language in Quebec City is French. Old Quebec, and the area immediately surrounding it, gets a lot of tourists so you can probably get by with English there. But try not to.Best Way To Get Around: I had little trouble driving in Quebec City, once I figured out where I was going. But the best w...Read More