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Fun in the Middle of Nowhere: Fresno, CA

A December 2001 trip to Fresno by hwlrmnky

Quote: The urbane set knows Fresno is very, very funny. Thing is, it's also on the way to a lot of very cool places, and does have a few charms of its own. Best you be prepared in case you need to drive through.

Fun in the Middle of Nowhere: Fresno, CA

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Go to the Tower District and eat amongst the locals. Check out the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, if you have time. (Most travelers who stop in Fresno are anxious to get to either Yosemite or San Diego.)Eat! Fresno is rife with restaurants. And best of all, if you are a pool player, you have your choice of pool halls, from grubby dive to hip, clean, gourmet pizza-serving hot spot.Quick Tips: Carry water in the summer. The temperature could be above 105 degrees F. Don't be a hero in the tule fog in the winter; if you can't see the front of your car and you aren't used to driving in the fog, it's time to go sit in a Denny's for a few hours until it clears up. Or check into a motel, if you w...Read More