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Romantic Cottages in the Mountains

A March 2000 trip to Big Bear Lake by rachel51

Quote: Visiting the Castlewood Theme Cottages in Big Bear is a treat for the senses.

Romantic Cottages in the Mountains


Since I had stayed in Big Bear during the week, and during the off-season, there wasn't a lot of people up in the village shopping area, or staying at the cottages (so I was able to peek into the windows to see the other rooms!) which made it more romantic.

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Driving up to Big Bear from Los Angeles is amazing. It is not too far and on a clear day you can see for miles and miles as you make your way up the mountain. There are a lot of little towns surrounding Big Bear that are known for their arts/crafts and antiques so when you go to visit consider making a side-trip or pit-stop to one of these.

Castlewood Theme Cottages

Best Of IgoUgo


Close to the Big Bear village, the Castlewood Theme Cottages have a little something for everyone. Each cottage is uniquely decorated with themes such as "Enchanted Forest", "Castle Garden", "Gone with the Wind", "Anthony and Cleopatra", "King Arthur", and others. I stayed in the "Enchanted Forest" cottage. It was a two-story cottage with a "treetop" bed on the second level, and a jacuzzi that looked like it was carved into a cave on the lower level. The room was decorated with all sorts of fairies, gnomes, glittery designs and foliage. It was amazing! There was something new every place you looked. Additionally the room had a fireplace and came with a fairy costume (complete with wings). I would reco...Read More

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Castlewood Theme Cottages
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Big Bear, California 92315
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