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Quote: If you want to 'get away from it all', but you don't want to get too rural, this is the place to go.

Up North


Xander Photo, Ludington, Michigan
The best thing about Ludington is that you have a choice of water. What does that mean? Well, you can take a cruise out onto Lake Michigan or fish among the waves or you can go out on Hamlin Lake. Hamlin Lake is great for waterskiing, jet skiing, swimming, or boating. You can rent just about anything. Boat over to the far side of the lake and you can hang out on the sand dunes. If you're feeling up to it, you can even hike across the dunes for a view of Lake Michigan. The most popular spot for locals and tourists alike are the dunes along Lake Michigan. Take the main road (There's only one) out of town and park on the side. Climb over the hills and you're there. You ca...Read More
Camping at the State Park is a lot of fun. It's cheap, close to the water, and best of all- they have showers.

They allow dogs, as long as you keep them leashed. So spark of the campfire, tie the dog to the picnic table, and start telling some scary stories!

They take reservations six months in advance, and it's best to book as early as you can.

This year we waited too long to get a site (4 months in advance).

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Ludington State Park
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