Korcula Journals

Korcula - good sea, good coffee and great icecream

A July 2001 trip to Korcula by littlesoosie

Quote: Korcula's good - there's great access to other places, either independantly or through organised tours, the nightlife is chilled out but there's a wide variety, the sea is warm and clear, and the ice cream's amazing!!

Korcula - good sea, good coffee and great icecream


Go out of korcula town, towards the bud station, continue along and find the best icecream shop in the world!! otherwise, visit the small bute cute market, walk around the beautiful old city, and sample from one of the many good cafes and restaurants.Quick Tips: When they say the town closes midday on a sunday - they really mean it!! The town really is best seen at night and an amazing day trip is to the national park of Mljet (pronounced mee-jay apparently!!)Best Way To Get Around: Buses are good, but to be onest, much of the rest of the island isn't that great, I'd recommend staying in korcula town itself. If you want to see the rest of the island - hire a car 'cos otherwise it'...Read More