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Norway on a Bus Tour

A July 2001 trip to Norway by marciadarnell

Quote: I had always wanted to see Scandinavia, but I was not certain about bus tours. I really enjoyed this one!

Norway on a Bus Tour

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The fjords are marvelous, but I actually preferred the Telemark area, with its towering mountains, and so many waterfalls I could not count them. The houses were mostly of wood, and they were spaced far apart. The people were friendly, and everyone from age eleven up spoke fair to very good English. I had never seen a stave church, and I found them beautiful and rather mysterious, with their brown color and dragons on the crossbeams. I preferred Bergen to Oslo, but more of that later. If I had to live outside the USA, I think I would choose Norway.Quick Tips: Best Way To Get Around: All the friends I usually travel with were busy last summer, so the bus tour was a completely ne...Read More