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Mataram Exotic Island Capital OF Lombok

An August 2000 trip to Lombok by Zanne

Quote: While many visiters pass through Mataram on their way to popular tourist destinations like Gili Islands or Senggigi, few of them stay. This city has delightful visual details and wonderfully kind people. Most travelers come halfway around the world to get here, it seems foolish to skip this charming capital.

Mataram Exotic Island Capital OF Lombok


On my first night alone in Mataram I left my hotel looking for something to eat. I had no map; it was around 7 pm and dark, so I did not want to walk far. When I had gone about a block I saw several tent-like stalls set up on the street. I stopped at one. The chef used gracious hand motions to invite me to sit down on a small wooden bench. I pointed to another customer's bowl of rice and vegetables. Within moments I was eating my own spiced and crunchy mix of rice, noodles, and greens. Everyone in the neighborhood came by to applaud when I tried the hot sauce that brought tears to my eyes. While I was eating, the chef sent one of the small boys to find a student who was studying English at the Tourism...Read More

Pura Segera -- Sea Temple

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Pura Segera is a sea temple on the far north end of the beach at Ampenan, Mataram. Although there is a small dirt road that runs behind the temple, I walked along the water's edge to reach the front of the white walled compound. It was late afternoon and dozens of white fishing boats were beached on the sand next to the temple. I stopped to admire their brighty-painted identifying tail pieces; but the big red rimmed yellow eyes on the prows seemed to follow me when I got too close to the hulls so I moved along as quickly as I could on the uneven sand surface. When I reached the entrance to the temple, it was closed. I was about to turn back when a young boy appeared as if from n...Read More

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