Joshua Tree National Park Journals

"looking for Gram"

A January 1999 trip to Joshua Tree National Park by DR CUDDLESWORTH

Quote: Having been long time fan of country music artist Gram Parsons, I decided to visit one of the places that he frequented and the hotel room in which he died.

"looking for Gram"

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Stay at the Joshua Tree Inn and visit the National Forest from noon to night. We stayed 3 nights at the Joshua Tree Inn. This is where Gram Parsons would frequent with friends such as Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards and sit by the pool, get lost in the desert and forget all about the headache of life on the road as an emerging alternative country rocker. One of the two nights we stayed in the room where Gram died of a drug overdose. My friend and I brought along some ADAT equipment and recorded some of our original country songs right there in the room. The National Forest was really great and if I were to make the trip again, I would camp out in the desert for several days.Qui...Read More