Nesebar Journals


An August 2001 trip to Nesebar by Richard Finkers

Old town of Nesebâr Photo, Nesebar, Bulgaria More Photos
Quote: Nesebar is one of the old towns with whas been part of ancient greek history. The influences are nowdays still there. The music is very similar to greek folk music. The old wooden houses are typical build and can be only be found in a few places, like Nesebâr and for example Sozopol. You still can see/feel these influences. It is (to me) also one of the more favorite beaches of Bulgaria. The resort of sunny beach is nearby.



Old town of Nesebâr Photo, Nesebar, Bulgaria
There are two things to do. Visit the great old town and enjoy the beach.

The place also has several nice places to go out dancing at night. Also the open air cinema is a nice place to spend one night.

Quick Tips:

If you want something more then just to lie on the beach, walk a little bit more north to the resort "sunny beach". All popular watersports are available there. Like surfing, the banana and so on.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking is actually the best way to get around. Alternatively, you can find place to rent a bike. I know there are some places to, but I don't remember the addresses.